Helping Street Children Become Street Smart.

Once,  a beggar child came to Allama Iqbal, and his friend asked him, ‘can’t something be done about them?’ He said, ‘their lives will not change, because no one is doing anything for them.’

This is why the street children, have continued to have the same fate for centuries. No one did anything, and another hundred years have passed! Nothing has happened – just as Iqbal had predicted. Now, we don’t want another hundred years to pass without changing their fate. Today, all of us together can change the street children’s fate to this at least- just as Usman has done.

Suggestions for improving their lives:
  1. A policy of not giving cash to beggars on streets: Now, I tell the street child that I won’t give you any cash. You have to ask your parent to put you in school, and start earning yourself. Also, to give them snacks and clean drinking water. (Carry water and snacks in the car for them.)

2. Strict policy of no more than two or three children: Aggressive advertising against having more than three children has to be done. Provision of free contraceptives and indoctrination is extremely important. They must not have more children, when they have proved they cannot look after the ones they have. School must be compulsory for all.

3. Adult education must be compulsory: Making them realize, they will have to change their fate themselves. They will have to make an effort themselves to get out of this situation.

4. Giving alternatives to get out of clutches of exploiters: Promoting more free schools for underprivileged children, factories offering very light work in return for food, clothing and education in a healthy environment for children.

5. Seal all borders for refugees: Firstly, the Government needs to close all borders, to stop allowing more refugees inside our country. In fact we have got to remove all those who are illegally living in our country. First priority is for us to take care of our own population. Our own children are on the streets, and we are giving ‘shelter’ to people who aren’t our responsibility.

Any more ideas?.

I don’t want to have to go for the tailor’s shop next time to find this scene on the floor outside…
It was heart wrenching when I saw this scene. This child was worried about his precious shoes not getting stolen, also needed a pillow.

Please make an effort to join a school for underprivileged children near your home. Help bring a smile to their lips. See their happy faces, just like we love to see the happy faces of our own children. Laugh and joke with them, put a hand of love and understanding on their heads.

Over one seventy children in CSS School are being taken care of, there are hundreds in the wonderful Pehli Kiran Schools branches, in different areas also. There are many schools sprouting out in every nook and corner of our country now. Each one of them, need our help and support.

Let us be every street child’s strength.

Stay blessed, lovely ones. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels just to see the great work  being done by this bunch of highly energetic young people, along with Usman.

There is great hope for this country. Allama Iqbal didn’t have this dream of such a country for nothing. It’s earth is definitely moist today, with the tears that come to our eyes to see the plight of these helpless children. Finally, the time has come to do something about it. Together, we can. 🙂
Let us stay blessed and bless others as well. 🙂

Words, Deeds and Trees…

This blog post is almost a continuation of my last blog post Ijaz Ahmed Khan – comparing a good word with a good tree.. Thinking it would be too long for you all, I decided to break them up into two. So, here it is, I know I’m late by a few minutes, but you know how life is these days! Yes, a bit crazy. But, here I am!

Now you know why, I chose this location of B 17 for our saplings, because firstly, the saplings would be well taken care of, and specially it would be in memory of a person, whom I got too late to thank, in real life. So, please do say a prayer for Ijaz Khan, and do not ever take so long in going out of your way to thank those who went out of their way to make life easier for you!

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Rain water control, tree plantation, elections and my life.

July 2018 thoughts…

I guess, I better accept that real life isn’t so streamlined. Half the year is over, I’m already  behind schedule on lots of things. But then, I’ve also done a lot of things which were not in the ‘schedule’ but far more important; like engagement of my youngest daughter Waliya. Giving time to my second daughter Nadiya, who was leaving the country, moving for Canada. Also, to help get gifts for poor children studying in CSS school, and specially taking care of my elderly parents. So, I guess it is okay.

In July, we need to re-align ourselves to our primary goals.

Right now, in July here are the most important issues. I know you have a busy life too. But these matters mentioned below won’t take more than two days each! So, do look it up very seriously. Please read it while thinking ‘how can I do it?’ Just as I’m thinking the same while writing it:

  1. Rain water control at domestic and community level, during monsoon.
  2. Tree plantation.
  3. Elections.
  4. My life these days.

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Ramzan, CSS school and Art classes 2018

Activities of last ten days of Ramzan. 


During  last ten days of Ramzan, it seems both type of people put on another gear! The worldly types move towards the bazaars and shops and more iftar parties. The shopping areas, and roads are packed till late night. The spiritual types completely detach themselves, and go into ‘aitekaaf’. It is a self-proclaimed detachment from worldly life and  focussing on Allah. Spending time only on  prayer and meditation for last ten days of Ramzan till Eid. During that time, one goes into searching for one’s inner self.


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Joy of Charity Work


Somehow, you always receive more than you give!

This topic is so close to my heart, I don’t know where to start! I suppose charity begins with empathy. Yet there are so many beginnings to it.

Why give charity? It can be any of these reasons:

  1. To help others out of their dilemmas.
  2. To thank Allah for all that He has blessed you with.
  3. It is the best way to bring your own problems into perspective.
  4. It is the best anti-depressant, and diffuser of sadness. An instant mood booster.
  5. A financial booster. (I’ll explain in a while.)

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First Week of Ramzan

It is important to begin this month right!


So, with great hype and resolutions we started Ramzan. Weather has been amazing  in Islamabad, I’ve had days without fans even.  Yes, I know, it has touched forties in Karachi and other parts of the country. Anyhow, as usual, it is miraculously possible to keep the fast, and we actually manage pretty well.

33059432_1956783541021595_6346361393033248768_n (1)Then suddenly, you realize that you have to be careful. After the first thrill you realize it is not so easy either. Specially the sleep pattern is very disturbed.

Your charity resolutions need to be executed properly.  The most important thing is that you’ve got to start quickly with whatever you have planned. What happens is that ‘the early bird is already there!’

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 On Iqbal’s Stray Reflections, PEF and PANA

Positive work going on in the Capital,  April 2018.


Somehow, my weekends are so interesting. Getting invited to several events, I choose the ones which are constructive and relaxing too. Each of the events I’m sharing here, deserve separate blogs, yet I’m afraid they may get over-run by upcoming events.

So, let’s go over these briefly:

Allama Iqbal’s death anniversary on April 21st. 2018:

It was a function arranged at The Hive in Blue Area. The Hive is a place for small events.  You know I love young people, so I was happy at least they had done something on such an important day.

As I parked my car, I saw a young man hurrying towards the stairs of the building. So, I followed, and found the place, with his help.  Then, he said, ‘You have taught me in school!’ I smiled at the dashing young man. I love to see my students all grown up! So, it turned out I had taught him history in ICAS probably in grade seven or eight, for a few months in 2004. So, I asked him to sit with me in the front row.  We decided to remain connected. So,  he sent me a friend’s request on Facebook, while we waited for the program to begin,  (we saw we have 27 common friends!) Hisham Muzaffar is doing his M.Phil at PIDE (Pakistan Institute of Developmental Economics,) inDevelopmental Economics. Khurram Ilahi the speaker of the day on Iqbal, has taught Hisham in PIDE.

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Community Services School

 by Usman and his friends – and how we can help them achieve their goal.


While Facebook is the bane of all jokes, yet its usefulness cannot be denied. There are many youngsters who have left it and gone on to Instagram and other greener pastures. –  Hopefully those pastures have less of the ‘old cronies’ like myself in them! Anyhow, since I followed the youth on Instagram, I was approached by Usman. He said, ‘I felt I had to contact you as you seem to be the kind of person who could support us. I felt very humbled in front of all that he has achieved. Anyhow, I offered to go over to his school and see what it is all about.

27867626_1842955779071039_7494957564128780753_nThey have built a school for poor street children. They pay the rent for it and give them uniforms, books and have provided teachers for them. These young people have actually taken the children off the streets and given them something to be proud of, an education. The children are not only getting educated but also are getting ‘tarbiyat’ or grooming for a better life ahead.

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International Women’s day celebrated with ABPAW



My friend Riffat Naim had come from Lahore to stay with me,  to attend a couple of  conferences.  Of course I opted to drive her around, and ended up in Gymkhana Club of Rawalpindi on 11th of March – over 30 km from my home.


Now that I was there, I thought I might as well enjoy it. My friend tried her best to push me into the projects too, but I was avoiding, as I’m already knee deep in my own projects, and don’t need any diversions at this point.  I took along my books and cards to share my friend’s table of Strawberry jams. She makes jams and chutneys which are amazing.

The speeches were to begin inside the hall, so we walked in:

There were several speeches by each member.  Shameem Kazmi  head of the ABPAW ( Association of Business, Professional and Agricultural women ) started on a very light note, and later became serious. She said that the root cause for women’s problems is in this order:

  1. Ignorance – jahiliyat. Lack of knowledge which gives her fears, insecurities and lack of confidence.
  2. Financial and economic weakness. Even when she gets any money she hands it over to others with her generosity, ending up as a pauper again. She needs to learn the value her own earnings. She needs to keep her money  within her own control.
  3. Power of decision making in matters affecting her own life. This includes choice of field of education, career, marriage partner, number of children, choice of professions and so on.
  4. Dowry: Most women are themselves guilty of propagating this criminal ‘tradition’. Every parent likes to send off their child with something, but it must not be obligatory, nor should it be demanded.
  5. Corruption: Stop corruption done by your husband. You are in-charge of your home, and make sure nothing illegal is brought into it.

Shameem ended her speech by Habib Jalib where he asks everyone to light his own candle,

” ….. Apnay hissay ki shama jalaein.”

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