What my charity is about

Helping underprivileged people get back on their feet. The objective is to lessen the burden on a family.

Current projects

The main project in my charity is:

  1. Food Drive: 

Ever since the Corona virus hit the world, and the lock down, many people lost their jobs. The biggest issue is having enough food for underprivileged persons. Since March 23rd 2020, I began the Food Drive in E-11, Islamabad. My followers have joined me in this drive, and so far we have daily fed around 150 to 180 persons, in E-11 sector and D-12 area too. The rest of the donations will be used for getting rations and food for families during Ramzan.  

2. Bridal project:

This has a package of a dinner set, other kitchen items, formal clothes for bride, and if possible, cash for food for the wedding ceremony.
What you can do:

Collect and send to my studio, formal and casual suits in excellent condition, donate cash or dinner set, kitchen items like water set, tea set, cutlery set, cooking pots, or pay Rs.10,000 (USD 65 to 100) for one package includes Rs. 10,000 for kitchen and dining set, plus Rs.10,000 for food for wedding (optional.)

3. Individual projects in 2020 
We helped Faisal Naveed

who lost his arms in a machine accident in Gujjar Khan, on January 3rd, 2020. We plan to get him back to his normal life again. We hope to get his prosthesis and get him back to become an earning member of his family (on-job training).

Heart operation of Emaan,

a nine-year-old girl from Mansehra. We have collected enough for these, for now.

4. Supporting other charity institutions

Other than the above, I also regularly help the following institutions with donations.

Sponsor a child by paying his School fees: There are a few on-going donations for school fees for Mashal Association (Rs.1200 per month) and CSS School (Rs. 1000 per month) child.
What you can do: you can sponsor one or more children in any of these organizations. 

Old People’s Home: We buy monthly requirements for the elderly inmates of Bint-e-Fatima, in Bani Gala.
What you can do: Any amount up till Rs.5000

How it began

I have done charity work all my life. A few years ago, I started Shireen’s Studio for art classes, literary meetings and workshops. So, when needed, I’d ask for help from my friends, while doing some projects. It has been the enthusiasm of my friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram which has made these small projects into a regular charity.

Together my friends and I’ve been collecting gifts, clothes for CSS school children, or getting requirements for Old People’s Home, and people would donate also. Paying school fees for children in CSS school and Mashal, especially by Sana Ahmed, my donor in Australia just happened along the way.

How the bridal project began: Last year, a follower of mine, Sidra told me about a paralyzed widow, who lost her husband and son in the earthquake. She has four daughters and was going to marry off two of them. Sidra asked me to request my followers for almost-new clothes for the two girls about to be married in a remote area near Muzaffarabad. I did, and within 48 hours, we had more than enough.

I had donors like Aliya Janjua, who donated cash from California, and others from Norway and UAE too.  We ended up having enough to marry off two more underprivileged brides. In nine months now, we have already helped in 28 bridal projects!

Besides this, we are doing two long-term projects since January 2020: Faisal Naveed (of Gujjar Khan,) who lost both arms in a machine accident,  and Emaan, a nine-year-old girl from Mansehra, for her heart operation in AFIC.

How did it start? Each one was a one-off project, and I shared progress with my followers and they would donate whatever was needed. Donors from California, Calgary, Seattle, Oslo, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UK, and Australia, have participated in these projects.  Cash and required items for donation, especially clothes have been sent from all cities of Pakistan.

All my followers have participated wholeheartedly.

I have literally had to stop them from giving more, sometimes, as that particular project was closed for the time.

Who donates

Anyone and everyone can donate. People living anywhere in the world can send, as well as from Pakistan. Those living in Islamabad can hand over cash as well, others can do so through a bank account or PayPal. Those who donate suits and clothes for the bridal project do so by sending parcels of these clothes. I only request that these may be in good condition and well presented.

What services are included

If the amount is less than required, then it is added to the rest for a particular objective. If the amount you give is more, then the rest will go into the same project later on, or added to another project. If there is nothing else, then I’ll make up the amount to achieve the objective of the project.

Projects I do not take

I do not give ongoing school fees for semesters or students. It isn’t within my capacity. Also, people who ask for ongoing monthly payments for their household expenses.

Nor do I help persons who do not help themselves.

The brides I choose are ones from underprivileged families, who are doing their best, and are still finding it hard to manage. I like to help girls who are studying, or working. Mothers who are maids in homes, or are doing jobs. Recently, we married off a girl who is a guard in FAST University, and I’ve helped a girl working in Depilex, Peshawar.

Please support my cause

I would love it if you give a donation which is ‘general’ so that I may put it in the current urgent project. Usually, while I’m on one project, another one becomes urgent, in this process, your donation makes me strong enough to respond to that one too, otherwise, I would have to refuse it.

For instance, in February, I completed three bridal projects, but then, thanks to three cash donations and clothes donations, I was able to help with three more marriages. So, in February, we were able to help with six marriages.

Your support is vital. Please help me grow my charity