Thank you for helping me support my cause. Following are some ideas for supporting my charity:

Charity Options

You can help us by donating in the following causes:

  1. Bridal package

Our bridal package includes the following:

  1. 10 or 12 suits/dresses for the bride’s trousseau.
  2. One dinner set of 72 pieces or so.
  3. One kitchen set including water sets of a jug with six glasses, tea set, cutlery set, rolling pin, board, cooking pots, cooking spoons, frying pan, salt and pepper dispenser and a knife.
  4. 5000 or Rs.10,000 for food for the wedding.

We also accept the following for brides-to-be

  1. Clothes for marriage and trousseau: These can be new or slightly used clothes of casual and formal wear for the bride to take with her for her new life.
  2. Items like: artificial jewelry, make-up, shoes, dinner set, tea set, cooking pots and pans, water set, clock, cutlery set, etc. for kitchen use.

2. School fees or clothes

  1. One year’s school fees for a Mashal School student: Rs.14,400 (Rs.1200 per month)
  2. One year’s school fees for a CSS School student: Rs. 12000, (Rs.1000 per month.)
  3. Give clothes or uniforms for students in CSS school, or the teachers.

3. Binte-e-Fatima old peoples home

  1. I get miscellaneous requirements for the inmates as per the latest requirements. (Rs.5000, per month).
  2. Time to time, we fulfill any requirements they may have, like warm clothing, quilts, or mattresses.

Charity donor form

If you are a donor, please fill the form below:

Important Notes

  1. All physical donations must be delivered to our studio

When donating anything of physical nature (cash, products for donation), they must be delivered to Shireen’s Studio in Islamabad. We do not take responsibility for collecting stuff from anywhere other than our studio.

2. All used items must be in good condition

We do not accept dirty, smelly or really worn-out clothes, shoes or other household stuff. All items for donation must be in good condition.

3. If you are donating cash, please proceed with the payment using the details below:

From Pakistan: 

  • Askari Bank, F-10 Markaz, Isb. Account No. 0260590002087
  • EasyPaisa account no: 03365007375
  • JazzCash account no: 03365007375

From Abroad:

Thank you

I will be waiting to receive your donation. Rest assured; your money will be in safe hands. I shall personally ensure that your donation reaches only needy persons and according to your wishes. Thank you for supporting my cause. May Allah bless you!