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Life in Halifax & now going to Calgary …

Living abroad, here in Halifax,  literally, I’m afraid to step on the road. There are rules about everything. Stand here, don’t stand there, cross road here, like this, but not like this on the other crossing. Everyone seems to know all the rules…. Except me.  I need to learn everything.  All this takes time! In …

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Relax – take a break!


Why are we so cruel on ourselves? I should know. Every ‘to do’ list is made to grind ourselves a little more. We are merciless with the work we keep piling on ourselves. Then at the end of the day, instead of appreciating ourselves for all that we did, we feel bad for all that we couldn’t do!

I’m like that. I mean, quite a lot. What about you? Are you the same too?


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Interior designing

The Fighter pilot’s beautiful home.

   A home in Islamabad built with pride and love. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved interior design magazines, and books. More than that, one loves visiting beautiful homes of friends and acquaintances. It just makes you feel great. As you know, I’ve been writing on different homes in Islamabad. You can …