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Alternative cancer treatments.

Conventional cancer treatment is very expensive, and very unpleasant to go through. The treatment itself can feel as if it will kill you! Still, as I write, it is the most effective treatment for cancer. Hopefully, in time, some new scientific invention will get rid of the chemotherapy. However, not everyone can afford this treatment, …

Challenges Health & fitness Self Management

Watch out for general well being, after cancer.

Once cancer has struck one’s body, you become so focused on it, that you forget that other parts of your body may also be needing attention. We need to realize that this body has taken a lot of beating, while the treatment was on. It is time now, to also give attention to other part of our body, to stay fit.

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Sixty-sixth HBD

It is important to come to terms with one’s stage in life. To value and appreciate all that we have been blessed with. No one can remain twenty five years old, all their lives. Birthdays are milestones to be acknowledged and put into perspective. Here is my take on my sixty sixth birthday. This was just before My birthday. Actually, I had a blast on my big day, my friends and family gave me a great time. Alhamdolillah. More on that in my next post.

Challenges My Life Random thoughts

Resilient Pakistanis

Sharing my thoughts on the current scenario in Pakistan. As they say, ‘this too shall pass.’ We can hope for better times, right now we need to do our best in every way that we can. Here I’ve shown the resilience of Pakistanis in the past, and I’m sure it can help us pass through these times also. It is important to stay strong and be resilient.