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A time to reflect.

Today, I’m living in a world where my eyes see, but still it is hard to believe. I don’t want to spoil your mood immediately, so I’ll share a ‘good’ unbelievable story first. A few months ago, I saw my female cocker spaniel Duchess actually feeding kittens of a stray tabby. The mother had suddenly disappeared, and my daughter and I were having a hard time, bottle feeding four tiny kittens.

As we struggled, Duchess would pick them up one by one and take them to a corner of the room and let them feed on her. It wasn’t as if she had had pups lately. That had been two years ago. The veterinary doctor confirmed that she was definitely feeding the kittens.

This is the true story of animals in my home. Till today, Duchess and Dusky have a very loving relationship, often cuddling up and sleeping together when it gets too cold.

Why am I talking about animals? Just to show you how animals in my home behave. Then to show you and share with you all that we have seen on the screens in our homes, lately. Some very ugly behaviors by humans. Especially Israeli humans. (I’m finding it very hard to call them humans now, but it would be an insult to animals to call them animals also!)

On October 7th, 2023, when Israel was ‘hit’ by Hamas for harassing Palestinians in their own land for over 75 years, they pounded them, killing over 20,000 men, women and children. The only thing ‘modern’ in this war was that we witnessed a minute-by-minute gory scene of Palestinians being killed and injured right left and center. We saw the results of cluster bombs.du Yes, Israel did this to the same people who had opened their doors and lands, to welcome these people in distress in the 1940s.

I shared, some pages of book by Roald Dahl mentioning the shape these same Jews were in during 1941. How hospitable the Palestinians had been to them, by allowing them to use their lands, and have security. Now, seventy-five years later, Israelis (who were occupying their lands,) are killing them and taking over the land of Palestine which never belonged to them in the first place.

All sorts of theories emerged, one after the other. The fact remained. We literally saw, on our smart phone screens, the coverage of bodies of children brutally maimed or killed in their homes, hospitals and while seeking refuge. Totally defenseless. As I write, a few days ceasefire did take place, with threats of more killings the moment it ends. Israelis want to annihilate all Palestinians from Gaza strip.

Lots of theories have come up; Basically this is being done for the benefit of another canal that is being planned to be built parallel to the Suez Canal. It would have changed the lives of Palestinians. How could they allow that to happen? Yes, all this for MONEY. So, kick them out from their own lands, and take full benefits from that canal plan.

Shock after shock.

Only a few months ago we had seen Israelis, making contracts of some sorts with Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. Now we know what that was all about. Because now, they are all mute, about the current situation. So, we only saw only Qatar, Ireland, Yemen and Iran speak out against the genocide. All the rest, including Pakistan were officially mute.

However, the PEOPLE of Pakistan, UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, and many other countries, came out in huge numbers with the Palestinian flags crying out for ceasefire during the war. We saw Jews, Christians and Muslims together crying out for a ceasefire. Finally, they did have a ceasefire for a few days, (to get their own hostages, in place of some Palestinian hostages. Many of the hostages had been kept many months and years ago, as was normal for them.)

Best thing was:

People in support of Palestinians:

People of every religion – including Jews – came out in large numbers in support of the aggrieved Palestinians. Israel has been condemned, and so have all the leaders supporting them.

It was heartening to see people shouting at Biden to stop the carnage and get a ceasefire done. Someone even aimed his shoe at him, during one session. However, he has remained adamant. (After all, he is probably benefitting the most out of this ‘war’/ genocide.)

Justin Trudeau also had supported Israel in the beginning, but once he realized how heartless and cold-blooded murderers they were, he backed out of it. Ireland openly supported Palestine, and several countries broke up with the Israeli government. Emirate airlines and several others, stopped their flights to Israel.

For once, every Pakistani was on the same side, the side of Palestinians. (Otherwise, politically, the whole country is divided.) Social media was having a heyday. We literally saw gruesome on-the-spot footage of almost all hospitals, battles, and attacks. We saw Americans like Shaun King on Instagram. As I write, Shaun King’s account has been removed from Instagram for being brave enough to share the scenes in Palestine. He has been their most staunch supporter. May Allah protect him.  It has never been easy to stand up for what is right.

Boycott Israeli products:

As the world heard the announcement by McDonalds of giving free meals to Israeli soldiers, everyone decided to boycott them. The buyer has enough choices, and frankly, even if one was starving one wouldn’t ever eat from them ever again. Imagine serving free meals to those who are perpetrators of genocide!

So, people all over the world found a weapon at last which would hit where it hurts. Squeeze Israeli business all over the world. Every product that was benefiting the Israelis or owned by them, were diligently boycotted by people all over the world, that included all time favorites like McDonalds, KFC, Lux, Coke, 7Up, Fanta, Pepsi, and within these three months alone has resulted in billions of dollars of losses for the concerned companies.

The split world:

Picking the correct route.

Everyone knows, how split the entire world had become after 9/11. Similarly, current scenario, will change the world forever. We will always measure people, countries, heads of states, and products by how they stood in favor of genocide or not. In other words, Pro-Israeli or not.

I was so shocked to see Dr. Phil speaking out loudly in favor of Israelis, and what they were doing was all ‘angelic’ to him. He specially lashed out at those Americans who supported Palestinians. He made it out as if they were standing up against America. Which isn’t true. Americans are very patriotic.

Well, as far as Dr. Phil is concerned, its a by-gone story for me now. I’d buy every book of his. All that has landed in a puddle of disillusionment. His promotion of this genocide is unbelievable, but true. By the same token, the silence of Opera Winfrey, was also very loud. I can’t believe, these people who always spoke up for the downtrodden and bereaved people going through any type of trauma, are now showing such indifference towards mass murder of innocent humans.

Summun bukmun umun.

There is this verse in the Holy Quran which says, ‘they have eyes, but they do not see, they have ears, but they do not hear.’ These words were clearly visible in the stance of the ‘great’ Western media guys. Biden was adamant. So was the British Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau surprisingly stood by these same ‘blind’ leaders, till finally he could bear no more, and (finally) called for a ceasefire to the genocide.

Security Council had a voting to enforce a ceasefire, and it couldn’t go through because US stood against it, and the UK abstained. It was thirteen countries in favor of ceasefire, but it couldn’t be done, due to these two. US & UK with a blood stained past. Apparently, killing humans was always a peace of cake.

Crashing of myths of Western Humanity:

All my life, I’ve shared an admiration for the West, and how ‘superior’ they are in their advanced thought processes. How humane, how amazingly great they’ve always been. People would go abroad and come back saying, ‘real Islam is seen in America, UK, Canada. These are the countries, where you see kindness, and empathy. How much they do for people who are going through bad times. How they help the Africans and other flood hit victims and what not. We saw their documentaries with awe about saving the whales, pandas, and many species. How far they went to ‘save’ other species.

I bet Muslims don’t come in any species’ category. That is clear.

We’ve been termed the barbarians, terrorists and illiterate lazy lumps. Thank goodness this situation has removed the curtain from everyone’s eyes, specially the Americans themselves.

Now, vividly before our eyes, all that (holier than thou image,) turned into hogwash, as we saw those same country heads personally promoting the genocide against civilian population of Gaza and now West bank of Palestine. Brutally, entire families have been murdered in cold blood. The whole world is a witness, there are visual proofs of what has been done, yet, the same people who cried against the holocaust, now inflicted worse on people who originally helped them.

I guess, this is why none of these same Western Israel supporters, ever offered their own land to these Israelis. (Did they know, how they would be ‘thanked’ after several decades, and once they get back on their own feet?) United States, could have offered some state or part of it, to Israelis. Wise guys.

Hats off to Israelis:

Whatever the case, one thing is clear, Israelis, certainly made the most of bringing themselves back from a state of abject poverty and ruin, after the World War II. Their current status where they are able to dictate to the world powers. Now they decide how they want things to be done; even when they are breaking all rules of sovereignty, humanity and empathy. They played a vital role in businesses all over the world, running them so well that literally, their economy ruled the roost.

Today it appears as if every business in all industries, has been initiated or financed by Israel. So much so that we find out that McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, Zara, H & M, Dior, and frankly all the stuff we have been buying from anywhere, was by them. Awesome.

No wonder they pay the Piper to call their tune!

Pakistanis and Israelis:

It is true that these are the only two states of the world which came into being due to their respective religions. Otherwise mostly, a country comes into being due to geographical, lingual, or cultural affinity. Israel got its’ ‘freedom’ or place a year after us. We have more land than them. Yet, look where they stand and where we stand today. While being a nuclear power, we couldn’t say a word to them. Why is it so?

They worked damn hard to get where they are today. Look at the way everyone is siding with them. Or is it the policy of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend!’ It makes no difference to them if Iran, Qatar or Yeman have openly spoken up against them. The powers that matter have already been muted by Israel and that is all that matters. The world powers are in the palm of their hands. If almost the entire world asked them to ‘stop it,’ they didn’t because they have already got the powers that matter.

There is no ‘right’ and no ‘wrong’ when it comes to what Israelis are doing today.

Being right in today’s world doesn’t matter anyways. Look at what is happening in Pakistan. Who are we to speak! First we ‘ve got to clean up our own mess.

 Pakistanis united:

However, one thing is evident. For once, the whole of Pakistan and its people are on one side. Pakistanis have continuously supported Palestine. Perhaps we are the only country which openly declares in its passport that its’ citizens cannot go to Israel. There are no communications with Israel.

I always wondered why. All this, in spite of the fact that Palestinians, even at the best of times, never spoke up against the situation in Kashmir. In fact they’ve been pretty chummy with Indians. Still, all Pakistanis have been on the side of Palestinians. This time it was even more so.

Once when I was in Kuwait, (1986) the host of a television program asked our ambassador how come Pakistanis are always standing with Palestinians while they don’t. Doesn’t it make a difference to Pakistanis? No! was the prompt response.

We saw miracles happeneing, in the entire world, especially Americans and Jews – their citizens came out in hundreds of thousands asking Israel to stop the genocide. In UK, USA, Canada and many other countries including Pakistan, people came out in huge numbers crying out for a stop to the genocide which has gone on since October 7th. The Israelis have played every dirty trick in the book, denying every international law. So it was only political justice, that their own soldiers shot and killed three Israeli hostages, who were carrying white flags – because that is what they have always done to the Palestinians. Humiliating the Palestinian hostages and prisoners which is another offence.

No words can describe or do justice to what we have witnessed in these last couple of months or more.

American tax-payers’ money financing the genocide in Palestine:

Bombs costing millions of dollars are being transported from US to Israel for the killing of innocent Palestinian civilians without the approval or consent of the people of America. I’ve seen an American livid with anger at this situation. She was saying, what is it about the Israelis? That Biden isn’t listening to his own tax-payers, and does what Israel wants only!

That same American government has been asking for donations for food in American schools (during Covid19) as the government didn’t have funds for it. So, believe me, even I’ve sent a humble charity for food to be given in a school there. (They obviously have plenty of millions of dollars to kill innocent humans in Palestine.) How do they have money for this and none for the homeless in the streets of New York these days?

Believe me, I even asked a donor of mine Momin Farook to get some food to give to the homeless in Texas due to a snow storm, when it suddenly snowed there back in 2021. Poor Americans. (Well, they helped us during our massive earthquake in 2008, so this was okay.)

By the way, they’ve done carpet bombing in Afghanistan and Iraq under false pretenses. Pakistan, too was bombed for many years indiscriminately in the FATA area, even after Usama had been killed, and before that, knowing fully well that Usama wasn’t in FATA area.

The good part:

What can be ‘good’ about genocide?!!! Have I gone mad? No. The fact is that these same world powers, US in particular have continuously done this through the ages. Starting from Vietnam, for eighteen years, long ago. That’s why Biden feels no remorse.

Thankfully, now for the first time, the Jews in the world and even in Israel, have seen with their own eyes, what the Israeli government has done. Most Jews all over the world have finally realized, how they have been brainwashed all their lives.  

The world has seen the truth before their eyes. They have finally acknowledged it too.

Conversion to Islam:

 This is the most shocking part of it, now their own people are converting to Islam. Actually, I’ve always believed that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today, not because we are such great angels; It is due to the behavior of the non-Muslims. It is their behavior that has driven people towards Islam. The reverts have personally seen how people behave when they aren’t Muslims; and it doesn’t feel very good. These are people with a conscience. Thankfully, we saw them all over the world. Alhamdulillah.

Life in Pakistan continues:

Here, life in Pakistan also continues to be bewildering and unbelievable. Life is normal. But it isn’t. We all know that. People have opinions and cannot air them due to a crush on ‘freedom of speech’. Most Pakistanis, who can, have left the country. Others are masterminding different ways to leave the country too.

Now this scenario has brazenly shown what the ‘other world’ is really like! Not all that rosy. Oh God, no wonder people have started booking plots in Mars. ?

Lessons to learn:

We have got our free land, our own country, our own homes, and we lead good lives. Why meddle in other people’s affairs? Just mind your own business. But learn from the situations that we are witnessing now.

Believe me, if we don’t learn our lessons now, it might get too late.

Recent Afghan repatriation:

I hope Afghanis realize how we gave them protection forty-one years ago, when they were receiving carpet bombing from US planes. Many of them were helplessly caught in crossfires between different factions within Afghanistan. So, we were the ones who opened up our doors for them, saving their lives in the process.

We gave protection to the largest number of people in the history of mankind.

Now, it is time for them to go home. Let us manage our own country too. This is vital for the sovereignty of Pakistan. Otherwise, you have seen what happened to the Palestinians for opening their doors to refugees.

Perhaps, if they hadn’t been so generous in 1941, and pushed them out within a year or so, they wouldn’t have suffered now. Perhaps.

This is what war is!

War is exactly as we have recently witnessed. We know. We have been through 1965 and 1971 war, in my lifetime. It is exactly like this. Except there were no smart phones then, so we just heard the gori stories.

We lost half our country. The whole world was looking on, yet no one was concerned about helping us. At that time we were on good terms with the US, they said they’ll send the seven fleet. Its still not arrived. Of course, they provided weaponry to both sides. Making a quick buck on the way too.

I’m not blaming them. I’m not blaming anyone, because this is exactly how the world behaves when you are down and out. Whether it is in your personal life, or your country’s life.

Everyone is there to watch what is going on. Some may say a few words of sympathy too. ‘you poor soul!’ But buddy, you are on your own. That is the hard reality. The worse off you are, the worse people treat you.

True faces become visible:

This is the best part of bad times. It is crystal clear how everyone around you actually is. All masks fall off at such times. Good. Make notes.

So many Americans, Canadian, Israelis and English people who were swallowing all that crap by their governments, they have now seen their true faces too. They have stood up and spoken out.

Can you believe it, that the day there was to be that demonstration in London, to show solidarity with Palestinians, that day the bus services and tubes were closed. So that people wouldn’t be able to attend it. Yet, in spite of it. There were hundreds of thousands of people carrying Palestinian flags and chanting ‘Cease fire now!’

What now Pakistanis?

As the whole world is boycotting Israeli backed businesses, here is your chance to grab the market. Here is your chance to bring out quality and begin exporting your goods. THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE – GET BUSY GRABBING THE MARKETS.

It is now or never.

Pakistani food, organic foods, mangoes and other fruits and vegetables, cloth industry, shoes, readymade garments, gemstones, pink salt, footballs, surgical instruments, furniture, linen, are all amazing.

This is the time to go boldly forward. Show quality and credibility in our own brands. Even in IT business our people can be good. Why not make a Facebook, a YouTube, and Instagram of your own? What is stopping you?

Let’s get bold and beautiful – something that we have the potential to be!

You know, my favorite quotation by Martin Luther King is, ‘The greatest tragedy of modern times, is the silence of the good people.’ I feel that finally the good people have broken their silence wherever they are. The good people have eyes, that see and ears that hear.

Stay blessed, my dear Reader. ?

Yes, this post got rather long. It had to come out now. I needed to share my thoughts with you all. Stay blessed. ?

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