Empty Nest – fresh phase in life.

A blessed time in life when the children have moved to their own homes. While we are facing an empty nest, we need to realize that it is a sort of a liberation for us. It is also a time to celebrate the success of one of life’s greatest projects that we took on, having children and helping them to grow into successful and responsible citizens of this planet.

Haseena Moin -the legendary script writer.

Haseena Moin has been one of the legendary script writers of Pakistan Television. Her block buster plays are still loved. She ruled the Pakistani television screen during the seventies, eighties and nineties. Her humor and characters are still fondly remembered. Her death is a great loss to this industry. In this post I’ve shared an article which I wrote on Haseena Moin which was published in The Nation, from Islamabad, in 1998. I had interviewed her in Karachi.

We are ‘Work in Progress’

Hi Everyone!  You know something? Well, I didn’t know either! I never knew life in one’s early sixties could be so amazing. I’m actually feeling so happy. Alhamdolillah! Why didn’t anyone tell me? – it is because no one confessed their age! Even I’m breaking some rules while confessing now, but I believe we have …