About Me

Hello and Assalamualaikum! I’m Shireen Gheba, a blogger, author, artist, publisher & Illustrator based in Islamabad, Pakistan.




I am a freelance artist, blogger and author, focusing on the positive aspects of living. I’ve been painting all my life, with eleven solo exhibitions under my belt and many group shows. Over 800 articles published in some of the leading dailies of Pakistan most of these in Dawn newspaper. I have over 300 articles published on my blog.

I really enjoy the funny side of life, yet love deep, spiritual and thought-provoking aspects too. Mostly, in my posts, I emphasize and appreciate many things we take for granted. Most of my writings are about the day-to-day observations and inspirations.

As an artist, I love to share with you paintings, and artistic moments. So naturally, I also like to share any books or literary events that I come across. Main thing is to enjoy this life in spite of all the hazards and hardships that we face. It always pays to focus on the thrills of living, while finding peace within.

About my blog

My blog is a place to share bits of my story and my thoughts. Writing as my life unfolds, I’m not limited to any one topic alone.

My first blog post on this website was published in November 2015. Now, there are about 300 blog posts for you to read here. At my place in time, I find life absolutely fascinating. So, much to explore and so much to learn. Usually, I’m writing about life in general and enjoying some funny parts in it too.

Digital Stats

These change everyday and it isn’t possible for me to update them so often. I’m sharing links below which you can check yourself for updated stats. Following are the stats as of 1 Oct 2020.

Samples of my work

I have been working with countless brands in the past.

STORY PROMOTIONS: You may take a look at some of the story promotions I’ve done on my Instagram by clicking here. Alternatively, you can also view them by clicking on the PR highlight on my Instagram.

POST PROMOTIONS: You can also view my posts on Instagram by clicking on this hasthag: #shireencollab

My Pricelist

Following are the packages:

Gifted content:

a. 1 IG story features (IG): FREE

Story Features (IG):

b. 1 IG story features: Rs. 2000
c. 3 IG story features: Rs. 5000

Post (IG/FB):

d. 1 Image Post: Rs. 5000
e. 1 Video Post (up to 1 min): Rs. 8000

Video (IGTV/YouTube):
f. Video up to 3 mins: Rs. 25,000
g. Video up to 15 mins: Rs. 45,000

h. 1 Blog post + 1 IG Post + 3 stories: Rs. 30,000

i. Image Post + 3 story features: Rs. 8000

j. 1 Video Post + 3 story features: Rs. 12,000

Giveaway: (inc free delivery to winner):
k. 1 Image Post + 3 story features: Rs. 6000

CUSTOMIZATION: My packages can easily be customized according to your need. Send me your requirements and we will come up with a personalised plan that works both you and me.

Some basics

  • AUTHENTICITY: I’m always looking to work with brands whose products I’m passionate about or whose values align with mine. Since I’m true to my brand, I only promote those that I genuinely love.
  • FREE SAMPLES: All collaborations will start with product samples delivered to my postal address completely free of charge. In case of services, free access will be given. As you can understand, I can only review a product after using it myself. I also have to like the product in order to promote it. Thats why its a good idea to share pictures with me before sending to make sure I’m into the brand/product.
  • PRICE BREAKDOWN: Research required for preparing content. Time spent in competitor analysis. Brainstorming ideas. Time spent in correspondence/meetings. Editing, formatting & getting approval. Processing photos & videos. Accomodating client’s changes (up to 10)
  • PAYMENT METHODS: Payments are all received prior to promotion. I accept payments through Online bank transfer (Pakistani clients) & PayPal (International clients).  

Let’s work together

I love working with brands in mutually beneficial partnerships.

I believe in authentic marketing and I’m always looking to work with brands whose products I’m passionate about or whose values align with mine.

I love synergy and I think we can achieve greater dreams when we work together. 

What I can offer

Please write to me if you have any exciting collaboration ideas like:

  • Social Media Promotion
  • Sponsored Posts (blog & social)
  • Product Reviews/ads
  • Paid advertising
  • Contests & Giveaways 
  • Partnership programs
  • Representation at Events
  • Brand Ambassadorships
  • Freelance Writing
  • Affiliate Advertising
  • Free samples & trials
  • Online & in-person mentoring

I can promote your products, services & brand through my:

  • Instagram post
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Talk to me if you have any more exciting collaboration ideas.