Why care for the poor?

Discussing here why it is vital for us to pull up the poorest socio-economic level of our society. Unless we do it as quickly as possible, it will ultimately pull us all down. Small steps are shared here, by which each one of us can make a difference. This is bound to have an over-all impact. We have to start by helping them intelligently and in a focused manner.

Sustainable Development Conference – 2017

Attending one of my favorite conferences… SDPI: Almost every December since 2005, I have attended the annual three-day conference of SDPI. This year the theme was: Seventy Years of Development-  The Way Forward, it was held on December 5,6th and 7th . I just love going there, it is a great experience. The director Uzma …


Labor Day – a tribute to laborers in Pakistan.

Laborers I got to know….. In 2010 when my husband and I moved into this locality, it was a relatively new colony. -Lots of construction going on all round. There was dust in the air and more laborers seen around here, than the residents. Watching these laborers working and walking around, holding their fearful looking equipment …