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Our favorite recipe of Strawberry pie

A page out of my recipe book: The Fun Cook Book.

Strawberry pie. You can garnish with dots of cream and slices of fresh strawberries too. 
Cover of my book. 

Most of my married life, I’ve loved cooking. Then one day, my mother-in-law – God bless her soul- said, ‘Shireen, it is good that you like to cook yourself. Remember there are days when you are unable to cook, so make sure your helper is able to cook instead of you. Sometimes, you are out of the home or have guests, then let him do the cooking.’

On top of that, my husband too wasn’t that fussy, (thank God for that) and wanted food the moment he stepped into the home. So, I made sure he got it instantly, and that it was cooked the way he wanted. So, then I started keeping a part-time cook, who then became like a family member. I made sure I cooked on weekends and holidays. I’ve always loved cooking for dinners and parties, however, my cook was an expert and could do the needful there too. This gave me more time for my children, writing, art and jobs. So, things worked out fine.

My lemon meringue pie was very famous, and then this strawberry pie. The breads I made also were loved by the children, and the achar-gosht and now the Singaporean Rice.


As soon as the strawberries appear in the market in February, my children demand this pie. Do try it. The pastry is made with great care. Do not kneed it too much. Just make  it very gently and with finger tips only, so it becomes like tiny balls, and then gently press into the shape needed for your bowl. The lessor you press it (even with the rolling pin) the better and softer it will be.


Setting the prepared pastry into the baking pans. 


So, best of luck with the making of it.  Do try it and let me know how it was. Cooking for your family is the best way to stay blessed with lots of love!

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