I am a freelance artist, blogger and author, focusing on the positive aspects of living. I’ve been painting all my life, with eleven solo exhibitions under my belt and many group shows. Over 800 articles published in some of the leading dailies of Pakistan most of these in Dawn newspaper.

I really enjoy the funny side of life, yet love deep, spiritual and thought-provoking aspects too. Mostly, in my posts, I emphasize and appreciate many things we take for granted. Most of my writings are about the day-to-day observations and inspirations.

As an artist, I love to share with you paintings, and artistic moments. So naturally, I also like to share any books or literary events that I come across. Main thing is to enjoy this life in spite of all the hazards and hardships that we face. It always pays to focus on the thrills of living, while finding peace within.

You will find over 300 blog posts on this website. You are free to browse through topics of interest. I try to share with you the tricks I’ve learnt, to help one to fly high when your heart is going through a low flight.  Many of my readers have expressed how much some of my writings have changed their lives. Many came out of their depressions, some widows found the will to carry on with their lives and make it meaningful.

As a freelance writer, my work has been published in Dawn and other leading dailies, since 1990. A writer of over 800  published articles. Together with my blog posts, it amounts to over 1100 articles.

As a scriptwriter, I’ve worked for two television documentaries:

  • Islam in Europe (2003)
  • SAF Games (2004).

I’ve written four books:

  1. Entertaining Guests
  2. Kitchen Management (2007),
  3. Fun Cook Book (2009) by Ferozsons, in Pakistan.
  4. My Life, My Stories based on selected published articles by RoseDog Books
    (2013), in USA – available on Amazon.com and Kindle.

I’ve won a second prize in all Pakistan Allama Iqbal competition from Allama Iqbal Academy, Lahore, in 2003. As an artist, my tenth solo exhibition in Rawalpindi Arts Council, Pakistan, was held on November 9th, 2006 it was based on Iqbal’s poetry. I’ve participated in many national exhibitions and one international in Shipkala, Bangladesh, 1980. I’ve illustrated two Islamiat books for schools in 1999.

As an educationist, I’ve worked in schools and colleges all over Pakistan for the last 25 years. Working mostly as a teacher, I’ve also delved into administration, training and development (of teachers and Principals). Presently, I am working as a freelance blogger, influencer and artist in Islamabad.

My love for the coming generations has motivated me to get into many exciting ventures.