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Election scenario Pakistan 2024

Writing a blog post in an everchanging scenario is challenging. Yet, I’ve started it, and want to complete it now. It is 11.00 am, Friday 9th of February. I started this post a couple of days ago, and kept writing, as I went to vote. Now, let me complete this.

Firstly, illiteracy and democracy doesn’t work together. Secondly, ‘democracy’ as we know it, doesn’t work either! We have seen that the slogan of democracy is ‘of the people, for the people and by the people’ and ‘majority is authority.’ This isn’t how things are working right now.

If you look at any country today, most of the time you see that the leadership doesn’t see eye to eye with the majority of its people. Take any country. There is a logical reason for it. Okay, I’ll discuss that in detail, why ‘democracy’ as a theory sounds good, but it’s system is flawed, because it isn’t possible in its true sense.

The reality is such that in the name of ‘majority’ it is actually a minority which wins and  rules your country. I’ll explain to you how this happens.

Unprecedented undemocratic steps taken:

 Anyhow, I also want to have a few things on record about what ‘steps’ have been taken in Pakistan, which were unprecedented. Never in its 75 years’ chaotic history did we do such things. Ever. I’ll be going into that too. Just a little patience needed.

Democracy is flawed.

Actually, democracy is geared for 100% participation of the masses, which never actually happens. That is the main reason of its failure. Of course there are many other factors too. But …. , if we want this ‘system’ to succeed, there has to be massive participation.

Recently we saw people of USA, Canada and UK on the streets in millions, in different cities. None of them were in favor of Israeli bombing of Gaza. They clearly didn’t want their taxes to be used for killing of men, women and children in Palestine. It was even so in Israel itself. Each ‘government’ did everything they could to stifle the voice of the masses.

There were very few countries like Ireland, Yemen, Iran, Qatar, South Africa, Turkey, who stood in solidarity with the defenseless Palestinians facing bombardment and getting killed in hundreds and thousands on a daily basis. Children got mercilessly killed in hospitals, and so called ‘safe zones’. It is still happening, in spite of a slow ceasefire taking place. No need to mention what the Israelis did, we saw it with our own eyes, like the rest of the world.

 It has been the first genocide that took place being seen by the world in actual time. No, the majority of people of this world were not in favor of it. All this happened, because the said leaders weren’t in sync with its’ people. They aren’t representatives of its’ country’s majority. 

So, why?

It is because of the flawed democratic process, which results in getting the wrong people to the top, (in most cases.) So, it is a control by the minority of the population who become the country’s representatives. The fact is they aren’t their representatives, they are representing only 30% or 40% of the country’s population.

How does this happen?

Why Democracy is flawed:

  1. For a start, at the best of times, only 60% of the population actually votes. In Pakistan, a lot of Pakistanis are either living abroad, or traveling abroad at this time. So, a sizable number of people and Pakistanis cannot vote, because overseas Pakistanis aren’t allowed to vote: Let us make it 4 % of the entire population (at least, I’m making a guess, I’m sure it is more.)
  2. This happens inland also. I mean, those who are on duty in another city. Like I asked a guard on duty at a gate nearby, why he isn’t voting, (nor is a helper of mine  for the same reason.) The guard said, ‘I’m on duty here, and can’t go to my village from where I’m supposed to vote. So, lets put such people at, around 5 – 6% of population at least. (Our other batman has gone to his village to vote.) So, these are those Pakistanis who can’t vote due to being far from their voting station.
  3. Then there are those who are either too lazy or hopeless regarding their efforts. Currently, many people are saying, ‘What’s the use?’ They are feeling hopeless. Others are saying there is too much possibility of rigging, so why should we even try? These are mainly the ones due to whom a good candidate loses. Make this 30 % at least.
  4. Now I come to the real reason. That is, that there are usually at least two to three candidates. So, the votes get divided into a 25/35 or 30/20/10  ratio. So, out of that 55% of population who are the number of parties involved. Now, the votes are divided into sections. So, actually the winner gets maximum 30% of the votes of a country, and then they rule for five years in our country. No wonder, none of them ever serve the full term. People usually have had enough of them! (At least half way through.)
  5. This is why there is always a disconnect with the leadership. It is because the wrong guys get selected, for the wrong reasons. At best they are representatives of only 30% of the country. Usually, they are representing around 20% of the population, when there are more than one candidate.
  6. What about the 70% of the majority of the country? This is why most of the time, people are unhappy with what is going on. The leaders are usually not in sync with the majority of the people of the country.
  7. You see sections of the actual majority of the country, Yes, the 70% standing and protesting about issues in front of the White house, or the PM’s house. In the case for Palestinians, we saw huge masses of people standing in solidarity with them in major cities all over the world. It happened, in spite of the British government closing all means of transport on that day, so the people can’t reach the designated location. Still they demonstrated in huge numbers.
  8. You see this in almost the entire world. A deep disconnect with the leaders. That is mainly due to the ‘system’ which is basically flawed. We have got to devise a better system than Democracy, or make a Democracy Pro version of it. Because the current one is only designed for when the entire population participates in the elections. Which is never the case.
  9. Cost of electoral process is beyond the reach of 90% of honest and deserving people who could have been successful candidates, had they had the cash to pay for it. (This is why corrupt people are more into this process, because they have the will to recover the initial cost of election process.) Elections are beyond reach of honest leaders.
These banners, cost of the rallies, and manpower required, is beyond most would-be leaders.


  1. In Pakistan, we have a Parliamentary System of government, which has its own setbacks, I feel it should be Presidential System of government.
  2. Secondly, we should have a candidate for four years only, and not five years, (that is too long,) this is the reason, most of them get kicked out.

More improvements:

  1. Facilitating the entire population to vote online, this would include the overseas Pakistanis also, and those who are out of station currently.
  2. Along with this the usual way of balloting facilitation should also continue.
  3. A Presidential System of government would be best.
  4. One unit country, and having smaller constituencies, would be better for the country. Currently, the politicians are using ‘divide and rule policy of provinces,’ which isn’t worthy. One unit can make for better management, with lessor policy of provincial sentiments being misused for personal gains. It will neutralize a lot of political upheavals. Patriotism is the most important requirement in all Pakistanis.

Unprecedented restrictions in 2024 elections:

  1. Never in the history of Pakistan, have leaders been so ruthlessly jailed, as in present case. Imran Khan along with his wife have been put in jail, and put under almost two hundred false charges and given sentences of 14 years plus 7 years and more.
  2. Most of the popular leaders of PTI (the most popular party,) including their die-hard leaders like Shireen Mazari and Asad have been brutally treated, so they had to bow out of politics.
  3. Many leaders’ homes have been ransacked, several got kidnapped, and several are still missing. One was even killed while he had escaped abroad to save his life; that was Imran Ashraf.
  4. Imran Riaz was missing for many months, then finally appeared after being badly tortured. 
  5. There has been a strict ban on sharing photos of Imran Khan or taking his name.
  6. Complete social media ban. (I hope my article gets published.)
  7. Locking up Imran Khan in a narrow, cold jail room; with the courts being brought to the jail for proceedings. (Ever heard of the courts being brought to function in the jail?)

 Present scenario elections 2024 in Pakistan:

Election day, 8th February:

There was massive participation this time, and all popular figures participated.
  1. In spite of everything mentioned above, this caretaker government and specially the Election Commission of Pakistan conducted the elections in an excellent manner.
  2. This morning I went to vote; I was extremely impressed by the system of voting. The location of polling station was conveniently located near my residence. Even though members of same address had to go to different polling stations sometimes, but that is okay.
  3. The staff was well trained and very cooperative.
  4. The manner of voting was well explained through social media.
  5. Staff was extremely cooperative.
  6. The system of finding out the polling station location was simple and effective.
  7. Naturally, there have been a few mishaps, which is expected in a country with a population which is around 240,00,000 in numbers, having 40% illiteracy rate. (Did I get the zeroes right? It is 24 crore.)
I first went for my own vote, then took my daughter Waliya for hers.

9th February, ’24:

After 5.00 pm once the voting process stopped, the counting of the votes was on. All television channels continued to broadcast the results, as they came. Since PTI was banned, so people stood as Independent, and they won in a shining majority.

As I write, news of rigging processes are filtering in ….. the police is in action putting the contestants on hold, and  sabotaging results.

Past riggings:

Otherwise, rigging has been done in many elections in the past, starting with the Fatima Jinnah elections, when Ayub Khan won. Again, in 1971 when Bhutto was runner up, and Mujeeb ur Rehman won. Then, too it was Bhutto, who had actually lost and insisted on winning. This led to the separation of Pakistan from East Pakistan.

Then in 1977 Bhutto, who would have won anyway, wanted a sweeping victory, for which he did massive rigging, (the rest is history.) Now, it is important for our Caretaker Government to complete their responsibility of fair elections, with fairness and justice, even though they have been swayed by …. We know who. Now, the people of Pakistan are more aware. Truth cannot be hidden. It is always justice that must prevail.

Let’s see how things move now.

May Allah help us all!

Stay blessed, my Reader. The eyes of the world are on us, and for once let us deliver a decent elections’ result.

Note: This post was uploaded originally at around 6.00 pm on 8th February, 2024. (Election day.) I found out that the two brothers of my friend, who were standing as Independent candidates in Bahawalpur, had been forcibly put in police custody, phones removed , while police got busy changing result counts in the polling stations.

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