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We are the choices we make

My daughter Waliya gifted me these beautiful flowers. It is a matter of choosing happiness.

Come to think of it. Whatever I am today, is because of the choices I’ve made in my past. It’s the same with you. I guess, choices and decisions seem to be different. So, we need to be pretty clear about what makes us decide or to choose a certain thing. When our choices harmonize with our philosophies of life, then one goes much further.

Our daily food drives is our choice to do community work. Here you see me making the payment for a few weeks to Ghulam Hussain the caterer who gets the food cooked and distributed.

If there is no philosophy of life, or clarity of thought, then there is confusion. One choice or decision takes one in one direction. The next choice takes us in the opposite direction. There is a clash. Hence one doesn’t get very far. This is why our choices in life need to be in harmony with each other. Main decisions like the university and subjects we take will mean an entire career based on it. The life partner you choose better be the right one or else! Sometimes, you choose the right life partner but he/she later changes into this demon. Then again you’ve got to choose whether to stay or to leave. So, it is our choices, whether in a bigger sense or a smaller one, which make us what we are today.

Loved brushing up my rowing skills in Kachura Lake in Shangrila Skardu, last year.

Patricia Ann Russel wrote:

Loved the write up by Patricia Ann Russel written in 2020, on the subject. She puts it beautifully:

Choice is a silent agreement between you and God (however you view your creation). It is the exercising of agency, meaning the use of free will to make choices, in counsel with your creator, to shape one’s life.  After a choice is made we proceed to make decisions, i.e act based on that choice.

When we live a life without giving much thought to it, then we end up in unknown territories. Most folks are clear. Others, have to become clear consciously.

This is needed, particularly now in the world of today. When we are constantly being faced with so many choices at every step. Let me correct that, it is choices from minute to minute of our lives. (Specially, to be on social media right now, or not!) We sometimes waste hours So, it is extremely important to focus on what one is to do, or it may get too late.

I love this poem by Munir Niazi called, bohot dair kar daita hoon….

English translation:

I Always Delay

The Words I Should Say

The Promises I Should Obey

The One I Should Call

The One Who Turned Away

I Always Delay

The Shoulder I Must Offer

The Hand I Must Provide

The Long Lost Ways I Must Walk

The Ones That I Had Set Aside

I Always Delay

The Stroll in the Varying Seasons

Just for My Own Self

The Remembrance of Someone

To Forget Someone Else

I Always Delay

To Save Someone

From Sorrow Till Eternity

To Make Them Aware

What Was the Reality

I Always Delay

Courtesy: Hindi Shayeri.

Please note, it is originally in Urdu, by Munir Niazi, a Pakistani poet. This poem tugs at our hearts, as all of us have regrets in our hearts for not having done somethings in our lives, due to the delay of making the choice.

So, it is vital for us to make the right choices at the right time.

Make it a daily habit to choose well:

This dillydallying, and procrastination can cost a lot. Everyday, when we wake up we are faced by a multitude of choices, on how to spend the day. Thanks to some decisions we have already made, for instance a job, we have to get up and reach office and work. Which is good. At least you aren’t wasting time, now, you are doing something useful and working towards financially strengthening yourself.

The Covid19 years (last few years) have given us time to ponder about our choices.

I’ve done jobs for around 25 years, and made sure I worked at places I loved. Let’s say I loved my students and teaching, most of the time. It was my choice, to work at something that I loved to do. So it is worth it to get up from bed and get down to useful activities. However, the choice of job needs to align with your ultimate goals of how much cash inflow it brings. If not, then it is vital to change tracks in time.

Our shopping, drives, travel, friendships, relationships are all choices we make on a daily basis.

One day, it is all going to be ‘too late’. But I hope we shall have the satisfaction of having achieved most of our goals, as they led to our goals in life. That is the most important factor in life.

My recent choice to go and spend three days with my daughter and friends in Bhurban area, was the best one. I’ve returned feeling rejuvenated, invigorated. I’m so glad I went. Did more walking than usual, more exercise, and that too is making me feel great. (This means some specific routine changes are necessary now.) Also the proximity of sharing room with my daughter and grandchild felt great. Alhamdolillah, to be so blessed by great friends, is one of the greatest blessing and one must make time for it. ?

Here is the short video I made of the trip.

Just some random thoughts. I’d love your take on it too.

Stay blessed.

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