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Mid-year self-analysis.

Amaltas flowers blooming in June 2023, Islamabad.

Oops! Six months of this year are already gone. It is time to do some self-analysis. So, stop. Stop whatever you (and I) are doing, and let us re-align ourselves to check if we are moving in the right direction. It is like saying, ‘I want to go to Karachi this year.’ And you are on the road to Peshawar. Hello! So, every once-in-a-while we need to check the direction we are taking. Also check the distractions which are keeping us away from our life goals. Otherwise, we end up feeling ‘low’ because we are missing our targets. ! What else would you feel if you were on the wrong road? Well, I have my own way of dealing with my issues, always starting with the gratitude list. (Because that strengthens one to go for it, afterwards.)

Time is too precious to be wasted away. Can you believe it, I couldn’t sleep last night, so till 5.00 am I literally just spent five hours on YouTube and Tiktok. Actually!!! Biggest time wasters. If I cannot control myself, how can I crib about others in my country? Who knows better than me, (who recently celebrated her 66th birthday, that TIME IS PRECIOUS. Just don’t waste it. I could have completed one of my incomplete books last night. Honestly!

 Okay, hold on. How many goals of my life have I achieved so far this year?

Goals achieved so far:

Saqib and I are busy making final edits and composing the book cover.
  1. I’ve completed my latest publication, Allama Iqbal’s Message from the East, and given it to Qasim of Printo Graphics to print one thousand copies of it. Even though it is costing me a leg and an arm! So, Message from the East is going to be printed by September this year, so I can look forward to its’ book launch on November 9th 2023. Better start its marketing and finding a place for the event. (Though Iqbal Academy, Lahore has already agreed to launch it, but I’ll need to make sure.) I’ll tell you when you can start booking your copy of it. I’m telling you, it is a treasure that every home needs to have.
  2. Continued with daily food drives.
  3. Bridal Projects also have been done (around ten) every month. This Tuesday 5th I handed over 220th and 221st! Yes, it is a satisfying achievement.
  4. My health is good. ALHAMDOLILLAH.
  5. Mum is fine. Thank God for that.
  6. Though it isn’t my achievement but two of my daughters being pregnant with boys is a great thrill for me. Hopefully by end of October.
  7. One-month Trip to Canada. Kept my fasts also in Canada, something I always wanted to do. It was very good. Being pampered by my daughter Nadiya, son-in-law Haaris and my cute grand-kid felt great.
  8. Completion of first draft of my book, My Cancer Story – hope it is useful for you or anyone you know who has cancer.
  9. The knitting and crochet work I’ve done so far is also very satisfying: 3 sweaters for Nyra, 7 sweaters for her toys. Three plus four sweaters, rompers etc. made for my two grand-kids-to-be, so far.
  10. Ok, as usual country is taking its own summersaults, you still have to carry on with your life achieving your goals, and hopefully doing something for the country as well. (That goes for people living abroad also!) Just do whatever you can for your community, and country of your choice, (and the country you left behind.)
  11. Have done quite a few interesting interviews on my podcast on my YouTube Channel.
  12. Doing yoga, walks and exercises quite regularly.

Feeling good, now what?

Amaltas flowers are blooming everywhere in Islamabad these days, I’m sure its the same in rest of the country too.

Not bad at all! See? I told you, a gratitude list always makes one feel better. (No need to add a list of all the goof ups you did in these six months, you’ll be doing more of those for rest of year too!) It happens. No problem.

To do list for coming six months:

I’ve been invited to this place by friends later this month along with my daughter.
  1. Finalize the Cancer Story book and give for printing asap.
  2. Start marketing for my upcoming book. It is Iqbal’s masterpiece, and mine too in my own humble way.
  3. Incorporate more reading into my/your life. (Its better than a sleeping pill, taken last thing at night.)
  4. Line up more YouTube interviews. Also, keep uploading the other videos that are still to be uploaded. (Yes, I know I blew up my channel’s videos by mistake and have to keep re-uploading them. (I lost the comments and views in the bargain, but I’m glad the subscribers are increasing.)
  5. Do a proper income tax presentation for FBR on time. (In Pakistan it is July 1st 2023 to June 30th 2024.) Why does the government have to keep extending dates, when we know, we have to do our bit every year?!
  6. Find that fun-loving person inside me again, who got lost a bit during my last couple of years.
  7. More discipline in timings, routine, deadlines, and need more motivation too.
  8. Some exciting stuff is coming, Nataliya and Anya are coming from Seattle to spend a month with me. Really looking forward to it. Want some exclusive time with my grand kid and my daughter. Last two times she came to take care of me. Now, I can take care of her. (She has a busy life in Seattle with her photography business and housework.)
  9. Birth of two grandsons in October. Oh my gosh, we have been all female for four generations, from my mother’s side. ? So, this will be a lovely change. All I ask for is that all goes smoothly and my babies and their babies have long, happy and healthy lives.
  10. More vigilance with food, diet, exercises and sleep.

Now, its your turn:

How have you done so far? Have you achieved your major goals of this year, or these are still pending? I know the world has gone kinda crazy lately – particularly in Pakistan – but we have to keep our sanity and carry on with our own work, along with the community work we do.

Do share with me, what you feel about all this mid-year self-analysis business, in your own life. Start doing it my way with, gratitude list first.

Love you my Readers, we have to make sure that at least we are aligned to our goals – even if our country is a bit nutty these days.

Stay blessed. ?

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  1. KEEP IT UP ?

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Thanks! 🙂

  2. It’s soo amazing to see when people open up their lives with others to give out shine.
    Thank you Shireen for always inspiring us and reminding us the purpose of life is to move with the music of life. Love you. Stay blessed

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Dear Kiran,
      Your comments always mean a lot to me. Really look forward to your input.
      Love you too,
      Stay blessed.

      1. I posted this comment and never showed on your blog. I thought i did some mistake and it got erased somewhere.
        I am glad it reached you
        I truly am inspired by your life and consider myself in your shoes whenever a curved ball is thrown at me by the grace of Allah
        I always reach out to you and you always pour out your shine on me.
        Soo yes i always look up to you and your blogs and your words of wisdom.
        Allah app sab ko har buree nazar say bachaye hamesha. Ameen

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