Self enrichment

My Ten Good lifestyle points that work….

at any stage or phase of life. 

14524356_1281484851884804_402923473811058031_oIn life there are so many milestones.


Once you’ve crossed most of them…. you think:

“Been there, done that!” (With great satisfaction and gratitude,) then the big question emerges:

“Now what?”


First thing I’d say:

Past ko goli maro, (shoot the past) – get on with the rest of your life! You still don’t know if you just have one day or thirty to forty years to live!”



So, what is life? What is ‘living’ all about?


Here is my checklist which you can consider too:

  1. Exercise & diet.
  2. True and loving relationships.
  3. Great friends.
  4. Passion of living through writing and painting, or whatever works for you.
  5. Travel and discovering new places.
  6. Meeting new people of different ages and backgrounds.
  7. Living in beautiful surroundings and home with loved ones.
  8. Learning something new: concepts, recipes, skills, exercises etc. (through books, workshops, internet.)
  9. Shedding the redundant in your life, (things, people, habits.)
  10. Deepening the spiritual connection with one’s Maker on a daily basis, (Prayers, meditation, reading of Holy book, giving charity and volunteer work.)

Ok, if one can maintain all these, then what?



I don’t think one needs anything else, if one can manage the above mentioned things in one’s life.


See? You and I are truly blessed, if we have all of the above, or most of them.


I believe, you deserve a short blog after reading all my lengthy ones! 😉 Yes! – keep smiling.

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