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“One day, I’m going to write a book!” I hear very often, “I’ll write it when I’m not so busy.” The person goes on to add. Excuse me, what makes you think you’ll get more time on that ‘one day’?

It is now, or never.

Now, is as close as you’ll ever get.

Just find ways to do what you want to do. Look at that smart phone in your hand – it has a ‘note pad’ in it. Just go into it and start your ‘book’ now.

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All books begin with jotted points…. or random sentences, which you will work around later on. Yes!

A few months ago I went to the book launch of Untouched Octaves. You’ll know more about it in this blog: Weekend with poetry and writings. The poet Amin Hashwani mentioned that most of his poetry was written in his Blackberry during air travel and while waiting at airports. So, here is evidence that it is possible.

I know, serious writing needs a bigger and less interrupted time slot than an airport. But, hey we have to write in this world, and create our own ‘writing’ or ‘painting’ or music composing’ time in the here and now.

I know, Annemarie Schimmel who was a German expert on Iqbal’s work, started her day with her writing.


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She wrote for first three hours every morning.

Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelo and others didn’t have half the privileges that we have today, yet look at their work!



They didn’t even have the ready-made paints we use today. They had to buy the materials and grind them and prepare paints along with the stretching of canvases and what not. Still they did such great works of art.

It’s all about the intent. The vision, that you have, then you work to complete that vision.

Like Pakistan. It began as a vision. Then it got ‘completed’, then it got ‘halved’ , – we all know the original vision was not what this one is. So, if we still have the intention to complete that vision, we can still persist with the hard work and our passion?!!!


If you have read one of my favorite books by Dr. Wyne Dyer “The Power of Intention” then you’ll know what I mean.


Be patient, persistent and determined.

“You have to have a lot of patience” as Jimmy Engineer told me once. “Don’t get upset, just keep on working very hard.” He turned and looked at me, “You aren’t working hard enough!” He said. Yeah, you can say that again. Look at Jimmy Engineer’s painting, (these days he is exhibiting in Jordan):


And look at mine!


He is right!


When you are determined, and working hard, putting your passions into your daily life routines, as you put them into your ‘to do’ list, as you put them into your daily prayers….

Your intention is like a ‘dua’ or ‘prayer’ something to remind Allah of our wishes – that is what impels the universe to make it happen.


Then suddenly one fine day, (after days, months, years of persistence and hard work towards one’s passion in life) – it happens!


You find out -you did it. 🙂 – right when you thought “nothing is working.”

Once that is achieved, you go on to the next level or next project of passion. Or go round in circles, if its’ that blessed book of yours and you have crazily decided to publish it yourself too. Then, wanted to distribute it, then wanted to actually launch it too? Oh my God. But that is my passion these days.

What is yours?

I know, it is kind of crazy…. (what fun is sanity anyway?)

Keep smiling my Reader. Now, open that notepad in your smart phone and start now…. 😉

45dde-islamabad2bthe2bbeautiful (2).jpg

Note: Some photographs are taken by myself or by Waliya Najib – specially of my own paintings, rest of the photographs are picked up from Google image, with thanks.




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