Why am i like this?
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Why am i like this?

We all are so achievement based.” I did this.” “ I did that.” “I will do this.” But the best one is: “I want to write a book. But I don’t get the time!”


Ok. Suppose I do not do anything like this. Then what?

Is it for acceptance? Or is it for something to talk about? Or is it to justify the time we are spending on this earth? Is it simply to brag and impress others?

As an only child, time was a wonderful asset for me. Somehow, I gathered the habit of doing something on a daily basis, which would show how positively I spent my time. A painting, – I can complete a painting within a few hours. Reading a book, now that can take a few days or months!. Doing something special – whatever that may be! Just to prove to myself that it was time well spent. I guess, it makes one feel good. To know one didn’t waste one’s time and managed to achieve something – even if it was for a few hours.

Then there is multi-tasking.

I’ve done so much of it. That my head is going ‘zing zing’ now! It was a bit of a necessity then. Now, it isn’t. I want to be a better version of myself. I’m watching people who are successful.

What is the criterion for success today? Do I measure it with money? Or do I measure it with achievement? I suppose it’s a bit of both. Where does peace of mind come into it? As Napoleon Hill said in his book “Growing Rich with Peace of Mind” – because wealth gained without peace of mind is not worth it.

So, I was saying, why do I keep measuring myself with what I’ve achieved or done? Is it with everyone, or it just myself. As a writer, mostly, I’m attracted towards personalities who have achieved a lot. Would I go out and interview someone who has done nothing? Would I?

Yes, there is the answer. No one would be interested in anyone who does nothing.

So, its ok. -To want to do something. To talk about what one is doing. It justifies, all that one has been blessed with. We shall certainly have to answer for it all, on the day of judgment. About what we did with all that we had. The more blessed we are, the more we will have to answer for. This is why I keep counting my blessings. To find out how much I’ve got to do for my Maker, to thank Him, and to make Him feel it was worth it. (So, He won’t regret it later.)

So, its ok. My husband’s favorite book was ‘I’m OK, you’r OK’. Its ok to seek one’s identity through what one does. You know, even God made this universe to show us what He was capable of! We humans have this characteristic of God in us…… We need to create and show what we are worth too! – In our own small ways.

So, I suppose its ok.

So, this is what I wanted to share with you with my cup of tea and pakoras* today.

  • Pakoras – a popular saltish, fried snack in Pakistan.IMG_0744.JPG

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