Need to stand back

Need to stand back


In life there comes a time when you want to just detach yourself from everything and everyone -to get your own perspective.

Perspective of what?

Life. -What else! To find out that after all that running from and running to different things, where exactly am I in life. As in RIGHT NOW. Am I really going where I want to go? Or not. How come, after nine years of starting my book on Time Management, I’ve not got the time to complete that book? Well. I was busy, changing houses, cities, circumstances and yes, my perspectives. So, how could I? So, I went and started four more books. In fact completed one too! Got it published. It was more like a miracle. Sort of. Not so much because of me, as because of them. The publishers told me flatly, that either I do it now, or they ditch the project. So, of course, I did it.

I’m telling you, there is nothing like a deadline. A good ,plain and healthy deadline. I asked myself, how did I do 10 solo exhibitions of my paintings, with three daughters, constant moves, jobs and writings?  Simply, by putting myself into a deadline situation. That’s how. It really works.  I’d apply for it from a gallery. If they agreed – Bingo!

If your client says “ Take your time…” that’s the end of it. but if your client says, “get it done, or else!” Of course you will achieve the target.

Actually, these days, I’m coming back to life. Yet, I want to take it slowly. Properly. Going with the flow.

My problem is I end up doing jobs. These jobs have started taking me away from my books and exhibitions. So, this is why, lately, I’ve tried to move away from jobs. So, that my perspective about my life clears up a bit.

It’s vital.

What about you? Do you think you need it? Leonardo da Vinci also believed in this. He said that every now and then, you should walk away from your work, so that you can plan it better.

But Geminis have their own problems. (I’m on the cusp) basically a Cancer, I get influenced by Gemini. My interest in everything under the sun takes me away from doing one thing at a time. Its hard to remain focused.

So, let’s think about it. What tricks do you play on yourself to stay focused and get your own personal work out of yourself?

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  1. So true! Loving reading my mom’s random thoughts, just like I’m sitting with you talking to you:)

  2. Hey Nat, I’m so glad you like it. I am such an admirer of your blogs, so it means alot. ?
    In real life now one is lucky if one can even complete a sentence! That’s why I’m loving this blog stuff. Looking forward to more feedback from you.

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