Surgery – eazy peazy part

All set for surgery…

Just want to say a big Alhamdollah to my Allah. How He brought me to it, and led me through it. Kept me focused on the positive. He Brought the best solutions to each of my problems. The Chemos, all done, and now surgery which was the lumpectomy. It was the next step to overcome. It went quite smoothly.

One needs to keep one’s perspective clear at every step. Accept that with each one, there are bound to be some tough times also. Have some ‘go to’ things to think of, while going through the rough patches. For instance in my case, Ayat-e-Kareema is my ‘go to’ one. Which one is yours?

Surgery went smooth (since I wasn’t in my senses then!) – Naturally it was smooth. The tough part were the ‘procedures’ I had to undergo before the surgery. I suppose the doctor needed further pin pointing of the spot to be operated on, and to verify if there was malignancy in lymph nodes now or not. So, only affected ones would be removed.

CT scan was done again before the surgery too.

Naturally, they took my Covid19, CBC and other tests a day earlier.

Spiritual aspect:

Of course I had given my own sadqa for the days of surgery. Also, had completed my donations’ file till mid December, so that even if I didn’t feel good after surgery, the food drive would continue. At the same time, I had given the check for the prosthesis for the right hand for our latest case. Such activities give one a great boost and a feeling of satisfaction.

Along with this is the aspect of reading the appropriate verses from Quran or which ever Holy book or meditation you find work for you. Here is the verse that Mufti Salahuddin had shared with me. This one was read after Isha prayers, for41 days. (Read durood-e-Ibrahimi before and after also.) Then to do the dumm over one’s body. However, I felt so good after reading it, that I continued with it, later on also.

Note the fact that more on the spiritual aspect has been dealt with in my previous posts on Chemo 5th and 6th. here and here.

Admitted for lumpectomy – the surgery:

On the 28th of November, I went to hospital with Waliya. Paid up all the bills and Oouch…the bills – yes, I was paying (for a change!). Being in the forces, I am entitled to free health care. However, I’m here voluntarily. So, no complaints. I’m very happy with the treatment.

After all, this is why you earn, save and work. To be able to pay up for health and other issues, vital for life. So, I told myself to see how blessed I am, and move that stupid thought aside.  (I wanted all this lovely treatment, for free? So, stop cribbing or thinking negatively. Most of us want the best of everything – for free – are you nuts???)

While Waliya went to do the paper work and make the payments on my behalf. I had my room all done up nicely: As you know, I always take my own sheets, and pink ones for the appropriate occasion! ?

The blanket was gifted by Afaaf, who is daughter of my friend Mahjabeen and also friend of Nataliya, my daughter who lives in Seattle. Small world. Loved it. So, it went with me on every chemo, and now for the surgery.

Its important to keep things which give you strength and feel so goooooood!

It was Saira, another friend of Nataliya who sent me those amazing wigs and beautiful scarves. I’m wearing one of those there too.

By now, there were no apprehensions. I knew that my cousin’s daughter Bushra was to assist the anesthetist at my surgery, Dr. Shawkat, who is one of the best in this field with forty years of experience. So, the surgeon was Dr. Hadi, one of the top surgeons in the field. So, now it was all in Allah’s Hands. I was at peace. Said my prayers, and felt great specially when Faizan (my youngest SIL) joined Waliya who was to stay with me.

I was not to eat anything after 12.00 am. So, then Faizan left, and we went to sleep, Waliya and I.

Procedures before surgery:

Next morning, we went for the two tests or procedures:

Trying to find the cancer cells in my lymph nodes. I kept saying to the doc to believe the results. They kept sending me again and again to make sure. I guess they were right.

I had already been through the rather uncomfortable but important process through the mammogram and…..

The main point was that they needed to have accurate knowledge of condition and exact location of the cancerous lump and lymph nodes. Also they checked if there weren’t any more cells elsewhere. Alhamdolillah, I was shown the results where they couldn’t find any.

I know.

Then why go through the surgery? (‘Because the doc, say so!’)

You have to. They know it was there, so now they need to make sure that no microscopic parts of them are left. On with the surgery.

By this time it was around 12.30 and we went to the surgery department.

I got all set with my red lipstick and red nail polish. They had to remove two finger’s nail polish to be able to check me during the surgery….
I was already slightly sedated.
After surgery, I was kept for a while, then sent to my room with thanks! There, Sadia and Faizan had been with Waliya during my surgery. Here, I’m still unconscious, as Sadia tries to meet me.

Day after surgery:

Here I am with Bushra, who assisted Dr. Shawkat during surgery. She is my cousins Shahnaz’ daughter. Kiren Mian also came to meet me she is a radiologist and DIL of my friend.
Next day, I was discharged from hospital, though I really didn’t want to go. Here I am with my ‘designer bag’, I mean the container of discharge from the surgery point. It is a pipe sticking out of one’s side.

So, finally I went home feeling relieved at being over this phase too. I would need to be careful too. But what the heck, a big feeling of gratitude overwhelmed me. My Waliya and I went home feeling so wonderful. 🙂

Yes, we felt so blessed. 🙂

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  1. Maryam munawar says:

    May Allah bless you aunty… Itni herangi hti hai dekh kr k bilkul b pta ni lga u nd ur family was going through this much. As i am continuous follower of ur whole family it feels like I am part of ur beautiful happy home. Itni taqat mili dekh kr. MAy Allah bless you with mukamal sehat and eternal happiness. Ap aesi e hasti muskrati rahein. I want to smile bright like u in my late 50s.

  2. You’re so brave Ma Shaa Allah! May Allah bless you ❤️

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Thank you for your comment, all the way from Ghana. One tries to be brave, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get scared or afraid. It is no doubt a tough battle. One just prays for success after going through it all.
      May Allah bless you too!

  3. Ayesha says:

    Such a big inspirational personality . May Allah cure you to the perfect health . I’m sure you are one of His Most Favourite creature, so he wants to keep you free of sins and making your entry to Jannah confirmed In sha’Allah

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Thank you Ayesha,
      Insha Allah. One can only pray and hope for His forgiveness and His acceptance of one’s humble efforts.
      All the best for you and yours,
      Stay blessed. 🙂

  4. As I sit here in California watching the snow fall, I am reading your blog story of your treatments. You are probably one of the most positive, grateful humans ever. I celebrate you and your beautiful soul and your future good health.

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Dear Rona,
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I read them here, sitting in Islamabad. Grateful to have friends like you and wonderful followers and well wishers. This human connection and feelings of love is all that really matters in life.
      Stay blessed, lovely one. 🙂

  5. Zarkish majid says:

    Sallam anti…loved to read your story of success bravery patience and gratitude.your strong will power will take you a longg longggg way..all love and prayers for you and your beautiful daughters.beshak our aulaad is the best sadqa e jaria for us here and in the life after..love you

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Walaikum salam,

      Patience and tolerance do take one a long way. Yet these are tough to achieve.

      Thank you for your comment.

  6. Sehrish Warraich says:

    More power to you 🙂 Such strong and positive women, You are an inspiration.
    May Allah bless you and your family. Aameen

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Thank you so much, Sehrish. Stay blessed.

  7. Alza Khan says:

    You are such an inspiration to all of us; positive, strong and grateful human being.
    May ALLAH bless you and your family, Aameen!

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Dear Alza,
      Thank you so much for your comment and prayers.
      Stay blessed and protected.

    2. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts…

  8. You are our power house of inspiration Shireen.
    More power to you
    Do keep me and my family in your prayers too
    As you know Naqsh would love to have them now
    Stay blessed healthy happy prosperous always.
    Love you my sweet friend

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Thank you so much. I love your consistent feedback of comments. Love you and your sweet family.
      Stay blessed.

    2. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Dearest Kiran,
      You and your family are in my prayers. Love you all.
      Stay blessed.

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