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Café Garage – a refreshing addition.

– A perfect place to hangout for the youthful among you.


‘ Cafe Garage, is a new place in E-11,  which is quite interesting. It has a garage look and is called ‘garage’ too!’ My daughter mentioned it to me, some time back. I made a note, to check it out, and forgot about it. Recently, when I visited it, I found it quite fascinating. Apparently, it had its ‘soft launch’ in February 2018. It is a different kind of place, designed for the youth and youthful in mind.  I’m sure you’d love to know more about it.

Some days ago I got a text from Mahroosh, one of the partner/owners and we had a snack there. It turned out that their other partner Basil (who is an electrical engineer) is running the place. It was designed by their third partner Ebne Sajjad (Noni) who is an architect from NCA. I really loved its’ plan. So original, and it has several levels to it. The best part is that it is functionally designed, and has an open plan. So you can see the whole place from wherever you are sitting.


The ambiance:

The entrance area with the vintage car, gives it the  unique ambiance.  Almost everyone takes photos of themselves in front of the car, which has become a symbol for the place. It is not just about eating and meeting here. It is also about doing some interesting activities here too – that is what I really liked about it – the open plan eating area is large and basic. Nothing fancy here, because that isn’t their style. It is stark, basic and bare, and may I add, ‘pretty charming’?

Scientific creative area:

Half way up on one side is the ‘scientific creative’ area, something I really liked. There are lots of tools there which you can use for making your own creation.

Designed for the youth:

It is a popular place for the youth and young at heart, to hang out. Happily, there is a football ground and actual garage next to it too. The floodlit football ground is open till late hours. It was past 11.00 pm when I was there, and I could see a full-fledged football match going on.

Look outside the window, you see football match on at! I loved this, happily the youth have a healthy activity to do, after a long day at the office.


The food:

The food is mostly non-desi, offering pizza, burgers, fresh juices, the kitchen is an open one which I like.


People usually arrange birthdays here, hold meetings, and have musical gatherings too. There is live music too. Local musicians come and try out the instruments on a regular basis.


So, do go there and see it is for yourself, it is open 11.00 am till daily.


I really liked the fact that it is wheelchair friendly. We all have to make places inviting for the youth to be going to a place for healthy activities. We need to welcome our young ones and make places for them so they can relax and interact with others in such environments which give one freedom to relax and be active too.

No, there is no sheesha here, though a ‘smoker’s lounge’ is available. So, do come over and arrange a meet up here. Let me know if you liked it too or not. Meanwhile, stay blessed with all the facilities being offered. 🙂



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