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Relax – take a break!


Why are we so cruel on ourselves? I should know. Every ‘to do’ list is made to grind ourselves a little more. We are merciless with the work we keep piling on ourselves. Then at the end of the day, instead of appreciating ourselves for all that we did, we feel bad for all that we couldn’t do!

I’m like that. I mean, quite a lot. What about you? Are you the same too?


So, the fact is, I only truly relax when I’m ill or, jet lagged.

Luckily, I was both, since the time I got here, in Halifax, on Aug 22nd, 2019. Perforce I had to rest and sleep well. It was helped by the ‘advanced’ medication my SIL (son-in-law)  Haaris got for me.  A real knock out.

Can you believe it, I slept full eight hours most nights. – Something I never do in Islamabad. In Islamabad, I collapse to bed on ‘time’. But…  I’m up every couple of hours to check on my mother, or the house, or to see if my daughter is home after a long shoot. (She is a photographer if you didn’t know that already!)

You know, shifting eight hours behind your country’s time, is a bit confusing. I’ve been used to Seattle which is exactly twelve hours behind Pakistan’s time – easy to calculate – 10 a.m. is 10.00 p.m.

So, I’ve relaxed so much.

The great thing about having three daughters is that being across the world means, I’m with my own daughter, here too. Also, I have no worries of home, as I have a daughter back home, to take care of things. (No wonder Pakish have so many kids!) I’m so blessed. I’m enjoying the fruits of all my efforts when they were younger.

My trip and my life is getting more exciting.

But I’m not sharing with you now. I’ll tell you when it happens. Something sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exciting is happening in my life.


I mean, as if something really exciting didn’t happen already!

My daughter Nadiya had a baby girl as you know from my last post here. Her husband stayed with her throughout the delivery. Brave man. It was the same with Bilal my eldest SIL. I’ve not gathered that courage yet.

Anyhow, it is a good family planning device. No one wants to go through it again!

I think they must make it compulsory for every man in Pakistan to accompany his wife and be there during delivery. Let him also witness all that she goes through. It might be the best way to control our horrendous population. 😉

So, I was talking about the break. Coupled with  this little bundle of joy with me; Cooking food for my Nadiya and her husband, and taking care whenever I can. It is great. Yes, I’m healing, and feeling whole again, after a long time. Actually, since the loss of my father. Also the loss of Abdul Rahim, my cook. Slowly, I’ve got healed here, being with my family, far from home. These beautiful surroundings, the love of my Nadiya and Haaris, has been like a balm for me.

I’m  telling you, living abroad,  makes me appreciate my life in Pakistan even more. I literally live like a queen there. Thanks to my staff. Hasnain and Sabir who are great and so are the maids who take care of my mother and us in our home there.

Thanks to the cameras installed back home, I can peep into my home every time I want.

That feels great.

Right now, I’m supposed to be changing and getting ready. My kids want to pick me up in a while.

Here I am writing a blog post.

This one post is just spilling out.

Here, I have the time to watch television a lot. I’ve watched and followed Pakistani plays. I mean, my favorite are on YouTube and Netflix.

No, I’m not watching any Indian song or film, though I used to be a big fan. No more, not till they learn to be kind to the Kashmiris. We Pakish will no longer support their arts. If funds from these arts are fueling this genocide going on there, then we must do our part in stopping it.

Cruelty and injustice in any form – whether in our private lives, on the streets of Pakistan or in Kashmir or anywhere in the world, must never be condoned. I can’t believe there is genocide going on as I write.

The whole world is turning a blind eye to it. Its blood curdling, actually. Sometimes humanity can be very cruel. The blocking of videos showing the reality, on social media must not block the truth. May sanity prevail. I see advertisements for saving dogs, and animals. But none for saving humans in Kashmir.

I’m taking walks in the evenings, and going to the market nearby. I’m loving it. People are so friendly here, and ready for a chat. People are really friendly here.

This kind of break is essential for all. I’ve made up my mind to relax and take a break every year. How about you? Do you do the same? It just needs a bit of planning.

Perhaps, this is why Western countries are so advanced. They are very particular about taking holidays. It is so important. It can help us re-align ourselves and remove the cobwebs that get into our lives.

Holiday tips:

Take a mental and physical break by having at least one annual break:

  1. Save throughout the year for a holiday, in Pakistan or abroad. A month or ten days at least.
  2. Believe me, no one is indispensable.  Things do work out, if you plan well.
  3. Address whatever apprehensions you have, and deal with them before going on holiday. So, you can truly relax. In my case it was health of my mother and security of my home. So, I put up the cameras, and handed over things to my trusted ones.

You will feel so much better. We have to make the break. Everything can wait. Also, you aren’t as important or indispensable as you’d like to believe. Everyone can live well without us! We need this time to be the best form of ourselves. I wish I had taken my Waliya’s advice more often, in Pakistan.

I’m so glad, my Nadiya literally forced me to come over. I’m so happy I came, and I was with her when she needed me most. (My SIL is saying he will make my passport disappear for an extra month!)  I’m thrilled I came and am giving myself such a wonderful break. Alhamdolillah.

Stay blessed, my Reader, RELAX and give yourself a complete break this year. Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures I took during  lovely outings.

Thank you Nadiya and Haaris for inviting me over. I’m so happy I came. Feeling totally rejuvenated. Alhamdolillah.

Special thanks to my wonderful Readers. 🙂

Note: A couple of photographs and videos by Nadiya Najib Khan. (My SIL doesn’t like  social media, that is why he isn’t part of the pics here.)  I respect this, about him and others. Remember, if I take pictures or close ups of anyone, it is always with permission. Otherwise, it isn’t worth it. Stay blessed.







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