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How to Keep Your Energy level High!

‘How do you get so much energy?’ I’m often asked. I’m nothing, I know people who are far more energetic. It is all a matter of focus, interest, and flow. It is a matter of knowing where you are going, and not letting other things/people get in one’s way.

In 1997, I had asked the same question from Dr. Farhat Hashmi. We were sitting in her office, in F-8/3. Her little son was moving around us. There was the sound of students outside, the hustle bustle of a typical Al-Huda Academy was on. I was interviewing her for my article in Dawn. I had spent a full day, at Al-Huda, with my friend Seema. I could see what a grueling time Dr. Farhat would be having managing it all. Yet, she looked serene and in control.

I waited for her answer:

She just glanced down at the open Quran in front of her,

‘From here!’ She answered smilingly.  But I just couldn’t swallow it for myself. How can one book give you so much energy?

Since that time, life has taken me through several twists and turns, and now I, too say, ‘that I get my energy from my daily Quranic renderings.’

Its not magic.

It is simple. When you read about the lives of those prophets and all that they suffered. Somehow, it gives you strength and courage to go on.32332501_1948593588507257_8476619653785845760_n.jpg

You are right, that is not all.

So, let me share my little secrets, with you:

1. Meet positive people: Here I am with Hajra Mansoor and Mansoor Rahi, a few minutes with them are enough to keep me energized for a long time. Schedule meetings with friends, and personalities you love and admire.

2.  Step away from negativity in your life: Whether it is people or situations, categorize and minimize! Do it like this:

  • People: You feel literally exhausted after such a person leaves the room! Then there are those who fill you up with energy and excitement. So, you know which ones’ to ‘keep it short’ with, and which one’s to avoid altogether. If you have to, then keep it short. Just make sure you stay close to your loved ones, and mentors.
  • Situations: Hate paying bills,  household chores, cooking or your job? (Quit the last one, or get yourself moved to another department where you can function better.) The motto for all is: be super organized and do it FAST. Also, delegate as much as you can. If you have to do something, then do it promptly;
  1. Be your best form:
    • Check yourself out, with your powerful weekly plan. You can more details with this: weekly plan: physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and socially. Especially go out to parks for your walks. The fresh air can do wonders. Frankly, I’ve walked outside in all weathers, even in rain, or hot weather. Just choose a time that suits your routine. While you are at it, leave your stupid problems behind! If you have someone with you,  do not encourage the person to talk about problems.(How can we walk away from our problems, if we are taking them along with us?)
    • Eat well, sleep well, exercise 3 – 5 times a week. Focus on fruit, veggies and proteins.
  2. Have ‘me time’ on a daily basis: Enjoying one’s own company is important. You get it when you are driving, when everyone is outside the home, when you are out of the home. When you go for your walk. Or simply grocery shopping. Be properly dressed, have music, or do meditation. Ever seen a battery being charged? Yes, that is what you are doing…. Getting recharged! Specially, when you pray. As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, when you are alone, in silence, you are in presence of God. Talk to Him. He is the only One who listens.
  3. Just say to yourself – ‘so what?’If you are in a rotten life situation. Do you think ,you came to this world for a party? No? So, better be prepared for challenging situations. One’s got to learn to thrive through it all. Survival tactics are needed. So, sit down, think it out. ONCE Only. Do what has to be done for the day. In case nothing is working! Trust yourself. You can figure it out. Otherwise, get expert help.
  4. Watch your feelings: Notice your own feelings, do whatever it takes to feeling well.
  5. Start the day right:
    1. Gratitude journal: Write five things you are grateful for. It’s also called bullet journaling. Otherwise, write what’s bugging you, but only to find solutions.
    2. Read words from Holy book: This does wonders for me. (The worse your situation gets, the more you read it.) Don’t say, ‘now I have so much to do, how can I find the time?’ Excuse me! Now is the time you need it even more!’ While reading, notice all the hardships the Prophets went through. You will be fine, doesn’t matter, Koi baat nahi!
    3. Exercise: Have an exercise routine. Please do whatever suits you. I walk in evenings, you can walk in mornings if it suits you. Anytime you do it, the effects will remain with you for twenty four hours. If you really have no time, just do a five-minute exercise from your smart phone’s Youtube.
  6. Schedule your hobbies into your daily /weekly plan: Put it in your ‘to do’ list. Life has to be more than the daily drudgery. Those activities which boost up your morale must never be given up. Put it into your daily routine. Remember, only you can make it possible.16195111_938568162940941_3345707480461142424_n
  7. Entertainment is a must: Watch movies, dramas, have picnics. The more dull your life is, the worse you’ll feel. Only you can make it thrilling!
  8. Make ways to meet friends: Good friends are the most energizing! Stay in touch with them. Regularly call them, and use your Facebook/Skype/WhatsApp or whatever you have  to stay in contact. 23472801_1120335381430884_6354386288744909622_n.jpg

 By the way, aren’t you the captain of your ship?


I know, you are happy that the captain of the team, has become the captain of our whole country as a team. (Yes, I’m talking about Imran Khan, the cricketer, our PM!) Each one of us needs to warm up and be fully energized to do everything in our power to take our country towards becoming one of the best!

Have a happy Eid-ul-Azha.  23517555_1120335618097527_4015996459305462827_n.jpg

May your sacrifices be accepted.

All my life, I’ve heard everyone cribbing about everything. It is time now, to get started on working hard. You will get all the energy you want from the thrill of the project itself.

One more thing, This Eid-ul-Azha, I hope you and I will make sure our country remains clean at all times.

Eid Mubarak! 🙂


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