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This blog post is almost a continuation of my last blog post Ijaz Ahmed Khan – comparing a good word with a good tree.. Thinking it would be too long for you all, I decided to break them up into two. So, here it is, I know I’m late by a few minutes, but you know how life is these days! Yes, a bit crazy. But, here I am!

Now you know why, I chose this location of B 17 for our saplings, because firstly, the saplings would be well taken care of, and specially it would be in memory of a person, whom I got too late to thank, in real life. So, please do say a prayer for Ijaz Khan, and do not ever take so long in going out of your way to thank those who went out of their way to make life easier for you!

Only this morning, when I was reading out this passage from Holy Quran to my mother,  I realized how these words fit into this tree plantation project. It is from Surah Ibraheem, I simply love this analogy of words with trees! Verses: 14: 24-27

Do you not see how Allah gave the example of comparing a good word with a good tree, whose roots are firm and its branches are in the sky? It yields its fruits in every season by Allah’s leave, Allah cites these examples for men so that they may learn a lesson from them. (25) But the example of an evil word is that of an evil tree which is torn out from the earth and has no stability. (26) With firm words Allah makes the believers steadfast in the life of this world and in the hereafter; but Allah lets the wrongdoers go astray. Allah does what He pleases. Ibraheem: 14: verses: 24-27.



The nursery of PTC in F-9 Islamabad, from where Shabnam Riaz completed the formalities for us to get 200 saplings of trees.


So,  actually our  project began in April, when Shabnam Riaz mentioned that she wants to plant trees in July. I said I’d love to  join in. Some of the members from both our groups also agreed to participate. The location was the issue, as we wanted to ensure their future care.


It  was a message on my phone saying something about the  Ijaz Ahmed Khan Avenue in B 17 which got me thinking! I called Arsalan, whom I knew in management, he referred me to Obaid the horticulture expert, and we got going. So, this is how the Arts and Literary group led by Shabnam Riaz, were supported by members of Shireen’s Studio, in order to plant trees along the Aveneue named after Ijaz Ahmed Khan, in B-17, Islamabad.

Shabnam got approval to receive 200 trees from the Pakistan Tobacco Company nursery in F-9, Islamabad. Last Friday, we went to collect these from here. We chose hundred Kachnar trees, 6 guavas, about 35 Sapiam (Chinese Talo,) and the rest were Sukh Chain. and we took them in boot of my car to deposit them  to nursery in B-17. The location for plantation had been agreed upon, previously. We deposited the saplings to the concerned nursery at B- 17, in the care of supervisor of gardeners there, Anwar Sajjad. The entire staff of MPCHS was very courteous and helpful.


 On Auguest 13th (yesterday) sixteen of us went over to B 17 to office of Obaid Ahmed. We were specially honored to have Salman with us who is son of Ijaz Ahmed Khan. Col Tauseef, the son-in-law was also there  during the plantation. It was wonderful to have ten gardeners, we all were transported to different locations in their go carts, from the office. Obaid, the horticulturist had everything arranged, and was monitoring it all. He had got proper pitting done. We were taught how to do it correctly,  by the gardeners.


This is how the gardener Naim Khan showed me how to correctly plant a tree:

I can’t tell you how happy we all felt, planting these trees. The funny part was when any one of us would be busy taking photos, video filming or doing live sharing on facebook or instagram, we would unknowingly step on a recently planted tree, and everyone would be screaming behind us! Someone would rush to save the sapling. Yes, these have become very precious for us. We all plan to keep visiting the site now and again to see how these babies of ours are growing.

A special thank you to the authorities of MPCHS for their cooperation and help at every step. Also, to the PTC managers who accepted the application for saplings through Shabnam Riaz.

So this blog post is about a great human being like Ijaz Ahmed Khan, and how his words helped many families. In the same way, planting trees can make life pleasant and enhance quality of life for coming generations.

Stay blessed my wonderful Reader. 🙂

Special Independence Day gift announcement:

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  1. Kiran says:

    After meeting you, talking to you, hearing your life experience my faith on Allah strengthens. You may be petite ,fragile and sweet but you are one Iron Lady who inspires others life.
    Keep on smiling. And spread goodness. It strengthens someone’s faith

    Loads of respect, prayers and love.

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Dearest Kiran, thank you so much for your words, which have made my day! You, yourself are a great inspiration for me. Your caring nature, and observation of what is going on in your friends’ lives, makes you a rare darling of a person. Stay blessed lovely one!

      1. Kiran says:


  2. Shabnam Riaz says:

    Wow Shireen , what a beautiful write up and tribute to so many things ! You captured the whole idea , mood and motivation behind this whole campaign ! What a beautiful verse from the Quran … JazakAllah ..
    It’s a fantastic gem of writing that we can all relate to ! Fantastic pictures of everyone as well. Thanks so much for everything ??????

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Dearest Shabnam, I love to receive such an encouraging feedback from you. It is even more of a compliment, coming from you who is herself such a wonderful poet. The whole project was so much fun. Had you not managed to gather all those 200 saplings, what would we have done? I have to confess basically, it was your idea too. What a great team we make! 😉 Love and hugs.

  3. Mahira says:

    What a lovely gesture leading to a good deed and cleaner air for the planet. The power of women with a small idea.

    In Calgary there is a funeral home that will plant a tree in a special memorial forest in the departed name. I’ve always thought that was a great gesture.

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      My dear Mahira Khan,
      Thank you so much for commenting. Such a great idea about planting a tree in a loved ones’ memory. It was an idea floated by one of the planters among us. So I shared it in my blog post also. Lots of love, and stay blessed.

    2. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      I really love the idea. Hey, can we plant the trees there in our names (to our friendship) in that funeral home in our names too? I love the idea. God knows where we will be when our times come. So, how about ensuring our own contribution?

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