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Life changes and My YouTube Channel

Hi Everyone!

Ramzan is going on as usual since it started on April 14th. 2021. I’m wide awake at 1.45 am now, just tapping away at my laptop as I’ve still got an hour and a half till Sehri, ( it is the breakfast which we have at this hour.) Thought I might as well do something productive instead of sitting like a zombie in front of the television set. It is time for me to decide about what I should pursue and what to leave, should I continue with all that I’m doing, or reduce and let go of some of the stuff. Right now, If so, then what to cut out? Right now, I’m busy blogging, writing books, busy on Instagram and doing charity work. The latest is my YouTube Channel. How many of you have been to it?

My YouTube Channel:

The channel is called Shireen Gheba Najib, and my first video was an interview of my mother.

One of my recent ones is this one:

Need to choose and decide:

What I was trying to discuss with you was that with the start of my YouTube channel I’m wondering if there is any need for this blogging. Yet, I realize that the written word has its own value. Perhaps I can reduce the frequency of it.

Though, video or film is the merging of all the arts; writing, visuals, sound, music and amalgamation of all the arts that ever existed; Each art form has its own value too.

YouTube – and the rest also?

The big question is, ‘do I need to carry on with my Facebook, Instagram, website and blogging along with the YouTube channel.’

Isn’t it a bit much? Is it humanly possible to carry on everything all together?

The problem is that most of my own friends and old links are still on Facebook. Instagram has my social work and younger followers in it (who are definitely very active.) YouTube is loved by all. So that remains, and my website works on all, along with my writing. Then Instagram is where I am found most of the time.

You tell me.

So, I’ve been thinking about it. That’s why I’ve taken this break. (My last post was on April 4th, which is a long break for me to take.)

I mean life carries on and one needs to be more efficient, rather than spreading out and working in all directions. I mean it is humanly impossible isn’t it?

Jam Packed life and Lost phone:

In the middle of it, on return from tonight’s drive, I cannot find my phone. Can you believe it? One’s phone has everything in it. I mean everything. Losing it can be a fiasco. Lets hope I find it in the car tomorrow morning.

Managing all of it?

There is a limit to time management too. But then at the end, some things are bound to fizzle out naturally. Die its own death. Like Orkut. So, I guess for the time being, we carry on, till death do us part. Or I simply collapse.

Writing is a catharsis:

Everyone I meet, says that you are very positive. I believe that it is mainly because of my writing. It is a habit of working out one’s thoughts outside one’s self. It helps one to face the world and one’s own self, when your thoughts are all sorted out. All the little ‘ifs and buts’ are worked out properly. You feel better. When you feel better, you are positive.

Yes, nothing to beat writing. So, it stays.

Make it short and crisp:

See? It’s a catharsis, I’m coming to a conclusion; keep it all but make everything shorter, crisper and smoother. So, then I can use what feels right for whatever expression I’m needing to do. Not repeat anything, just share where and how it is needed.

How’s that?

Let me know your take on this, in comments below. Do share what you would like to see there or here.

Stay blessed and very protected. ?

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  1. Inshaal Sarfraz says:

    Hello!Well I think keep all of the accounts active please.I know its quite tough and tiring but believe me that you are a person who is bringing change in alot of ways.You have the power and you can do it.Pakistan is in dire need of people like you who just think out of the box and help everyone.You carry a very special importance whether its on instagram or your blog.You are casting a stone and creating many ripples in water as Mother Teresa said by helping everyone,making minds broader and urging the people to do something worthwhile and many more.

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      My dear Inshaal,
      Thank you so much for giving me that much needed boost. May Allah shower you with blessings of every sort for your wonderful words. Now, I’ll definitely get back to my keyboard!

      All the best,

      Shireen Gheba Najib.

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    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Thank you for the suggestion. Will try to look into it.

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