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Staying High spirited in Corona times

My Magnolia tree is blooming in all its’ magnificence. Look around you, nature is in its elements! Enjoy it.

Hi Everyone!

We all need each other to boost up our morale. In these Covid19 times, especially, as life isn’t easy for anyone. It’s not easy in the best of times, now certainly it is a challenge everywhere. People like us, who are mostly on social media, try to keep you all boosted up, we need this boosting up too. I got it from you, Inshaal, you made me so happy and grateful when you were responding to my last post about Life Changes and my YouTube Channel, here. You said:

Hello! Well I think keep all of the accounts active please. I know it’s quite tough and tiring but believe me that you are a person who is bringing change in a lot of ways. You have the power and you can do it. Pakistan is in dire need of people like you who just think out of the box and help everyone. You carry a very special importance whether its on instagram or your blog. You are casting a stone and creating many ripples in water as Mother Teresa said by helping everyone, making minds broader and urging the people to do something worthwhile and many more.

Your words meant EVERYTHING!

A small boost is enough sometimes

I read this book by a psychologist named Charles McMoran Wilson, – known as Lord Moran- , his book was called ‘The Anatomy of Courage.’ (Available on www.Amazon.books.) He wrote this book while working in first world war ,published in 1945. In that he mentions how, when a soldier goes through a horror filled experience at the front, like being in or next to a bomb blast or seeing his friend killed, all you need to do is, say nothing. Just be kind to this soldier and walk him into a safe place. Offer him a cup of tea in your tent, and say a few kind words, helping him to recuperate. He will soon be ready to go back to the frontline.

A touch, a word, a glance. Just that. (It is nice to have it accompanied with a cup of tea or coffee!) After a while you are ready to go back to the ‘front’.

The ‘front’ or your battlefield. Or your life.

Yes, our life, in these Corona days.

Its pretty much like a front-line;  you hear of people dying every day. Some regions getting more affected than others. China, America, Spain, Italy, Brazil, then France, now India.  We in Pakistan trembled in our shoes, as we heard and saw on television the situation everywhere. Wondering how we would cope, when the world powers found it so hard.

Somehow, Allah blessed and protected us. There would be a lot of research about it later. But right now, it feels great to be in a safer zone.

Still the depression and anxiety is there.

As you may have guessed, I didn’t face any of those. Why? Because, due to Covid19 my work became too much. Feeding around 100, 200, 300 persons daily is no joke. Then helping in marriages of seven to ten families every month, keeps me busy. Many of you are part of these projects. ‘In fact it is all because of you!’ as I keep saying ….

Living in Covid19 times:

How does it feel to live in these times?

  1. Feeling that you got it, every few days. (because the symptoms are so ‘normal’ and mundane!)
  2. Hearing of your loved ones getting it.
  3. Getting news of death of someone you know well, from Covid19.
  4. Television, Facebook, Instagram and every social media is full of latest depressing news about Corona.
  5. Being locked up inside homes, all the time.
  6. Both spouses working from home, along with kids. No break for anyone.
  7. Bad news everywhere.

How to keep your spirits high:

Well, I’ve seen my father coming from an actual ‘front’ of war. (We all got a glimpse of that recently with the Palestinian scenario.)  How can you come back laughing out of it? By keeping a positive attitude, that’s how. Okay, so how to be positive?

Here is how….. 

News: Stay in touch with current situation in your community, city, country and the world. Yet avoid getting depressed and anxious. At the most, the five minute news is best.  Choose a channel on television which is less ‘drama’, and more facts. Indus News is quite good, in Pakistan. Among international channels  DW is good. I love their documentaries too. (I’ve lost all faith in CNN and BBC after their prejudiced projections recently. Their coverage can get quite funny sometimes, then you wonder, how they are depicting about places which you know less of, how could they not be prejudiced, if the ones of ours are so! You can easily catch up online, as well about the current situation.

YouTube: Use this mindfully; for entertainment, knowledge and information. Listen to music on the side too. You can educate yourself on different things that you want to learn. Do watch and subscribe to my channel too. I’m trying to give you things there which you won’t get elsewhere.

Video chats with family and friends: Make time for regular video chats with your family and friends, on regular basis. Mark it in diary or in phone calendar. Call those friends too, whom you never ever called before. (Believe me, they will be happy.) Simply because these are Covid19 times, and we all need a boost.

Help Corona patients: If you can’t meet a corona patient, you can send them fruits, food items or gifts to cheer them up.

Prayers: Do, regular prayers for all those who are ill, along with prayers for yourself and family.  

Charity: Give daily charity – even if it is Rs. 20. Best is to feed at least one person daily. This is easily possible, by sharing your food, or getting help from a local ‘dhaba’ or restaurant. You can also give groceries to a family, this would mean that they can have food for whole family for several days. It is best sadqa or charity in these days, as there is so much joblessness. If you don’t have cash, give something of yours that you don’t use. Supposing you have nothing to give, then give something away, which you use, but can do without.

Avoid negativity: When talking to others, avoid negative talk. Only talk of happy times, people or things. Usually, it is best to avoid political and religious topics. I know, there is a lot of talk about learning how to do it in better ways. Sorry, no one has as yet learnt how to do it, so don’t try now. Perhaps, one day we will formally learn. – That time isn’t now!

Happy activities: Everyday, there must be at least one happy activity. Something like going on drives, picnic, reading, cooking new dishes or favorite ones. You can even start learning a new hobby which you always wanted. Gardening, specially growing vegetables, or make a roof garden. Make sure you are doing a lot of exercises. Use the step counting app and make sure you complete your daily steps.

Stay positive even if you are Corona Positive: So, in spite of getting it, please do your best to get yourself out of it as soon as possible.

Keeping pets: They keep you busy and involved, and it is a good time to indulge in breeding them too, if you are knowledgeable in that field. It is a good time to adopt a dog or cat or any animal that you love. My Duchess, had six puppies and they have kept me happily busy. At the same time a stray gray Persian cat walked into my home, and I’ve been busy trying to find its owner. (Two even came, but realized it was a wrong claim.) It has an infected eye, and all this time, I’ve been taking him to the vets. He has had eye surgery by one of the best doctors here, Dr. Faisal. He has done a real good job.

Stay blessed. ?

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