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Writing process or catharsis…

Most of my life as an author I’ve found it best to write at night. A time without interruptions where the thoughts are flowing.

You have noticed that I’m writing lesser blog posts these days? – Or you didn’t, as you don’t read anyways! It’s okay if you don’t. You can read them another time. But, its me who has to keep writing. I’ve found that it is a catharsis for me. Writing is a process for deep cleansing. When I don’t do it, on the surface all is well, till certain ‘cracks’ start appearing.

Recently, I’ve found writing first thing in the morning, after breakfast is also the right time. Whatever suits you in your lifestyle, one just tries to keep at it – no matter what!

Somehow, while writing, you manage to clean up the ‘mess’ inside your mind (consequently in your life too!) Or at least, its my way of putting everything in its own place. When I don’t write, my thoughts get a bit jumbled up. So, perhaps that’s why I write. It is up to me, whether I choose to share with my readers or I keep it to myself.

How do you ‘sort out’ your thoughts?

Counselling convenience:

Lately, it has also become a convenience. I mean, I am counselling someone, and we just have one hour, and I don’t want to take up my client’s time saying something which I’ve said better in my blog post, so I just refer to it, and the person can save their own time, (and money,) and get a better explanation of a point from me. See?

It brings positivity into my life

Your outlook on life is changed, as an author.

Well, that is my life, and things working out for me. Almost everyone asks me ‘how are you so positive, in such a negative world?’ Simple answer: Because, all the time you are busy counting all the negatives in it, I’m busy counting all the positives in it. You can do it too, start the day by counting your positives. Bullet journaling in your diary. I will also thrash out any negative thoughts or issues in my life. I’ll literally sort these out there and then. Or take them a step further towards solutions. So, then I can sleep better.

How do you face issues?

How do you do it? Most folks just stop thinking about it, so while you sleep it is growing in your mind, and in the morning, it is standing there, that huge monster of a problem, growing and developing as you think about it again on repeat. On the other hand, when you have put it down on paper, it need not be in your head anymore!

The Palestinian scenario:

The Palestinian scenario of course has been horrific. Right before our eyes, and filmed live, as Gaza areas were bombed and persons displaced from their homes. Watching how USA was silent over it all. Biden…literally talking nonsense. (I thought he was a man of substance. I realize he is a man of ‘sub’ ‘stance’ !

Thank God there are many good Jews in this world, and men like Noam Chomsky, and men like Shaun King. Anyhow, the world has been watching the genocide, while Israel ‘defends’ itself, during the ‘conflict’ For God’s sake it was a ‘pounding’.

Funny world we live in!

Lots to write and express here.

The world we live in

Nothing ever gets done unless you have a time and place allotted to it.

We know how it feels:

It was the same in 1971 when Pakistan was losing a part of itself – East Pakistan. India nicely chopped off a part of our land, aiding and abetting the negative elements in our country, to break us up. We screamed and yelled, and cried out ‘murder’ and what not. Americans… Yes, that so-called ‘world power’ kept saying they are sending their (infamous) Seven fleet to help us. (Still waiting…… it hasn’t arrived!) Geneva Conventions, UN and Human Rights watched on, as the genocide of all types continued in that part of our land, which turned into Bangladesh.

It has been happening in different parts. An ethnic cleansing. We silently watch it. Feeling the pain of helplessness.

Naturally, we cannot help feeling that this Covid19 is doing some kind of justice! Choosing its countries carefully….

Writing is so important during all times, as it captures the times and the feeling and thoughts.

Is the ‘pen’ mightier than the sword?

This media should make a difference.

It doesn’t.

In today’s world the words are matched with visuals too. It is all graphic, but everything continues…the hatred. The butchery and cruelty.

Someone Up There is Watching:

I just know one thing. There is Someone Up There, who silently watches. Then He makes His moves. His timings are a bit different from ours. But He will do justice. In His own way.

Be prepared to face it. I cannot help feeling that Covid19 scenario in India is one of them. Same with USA, UK too. Karma? Or Covid19? I don’t know. Whether cruelty is done to individuals or to nations, there is a price to be paid.

It is a punishment. May Allah forgive me if I’m wrong, but it seems like it. Each of us needs to watch what we have been up to, ruining our planet earth, being selfish, the calls of ‘black lives matter’ coming from USA, combining with ‘Muslim lives matter.’ coming from Palestine.

I’d say minorities’ lives matter!

In fact, I’d say, ‘every life matters!’

Writing in our lives:

So, I was saying that writing is a form of catharsis for me. Let me show you how it works:

  1. As a personal diary.

Keeping a diary and writing down one’s thoughts, irregularly. So, it is a record of your personal events, a way to sort out thoughts, the place to vent out your feelings which you can’t share with others, and a way to find solutions.

2.      Keeping your weekly plan.

Remember the blog post of mine called, Powerful Weekly Plan here, you can do it in your diary if you like. I keep it in my household management notebook. So, I can keep track of my life and its happenings here too.

Writing articles and blog posts.

Many of you want to write for public consumption. In fact, each of us has a story to share. However, one is hesitant. Well, you can go about it systematically. Own a laptop, learn typing, practice, write, write and write. More than that, read about writing. There is plenty of material on the internet now. You can join classes for writing, which would be the best thing to do. Attend as many workshops as you can. These Covid19 times are ideal for the writer in you.

I’d suggest you write on positive facts and situations. Be solution oriented and help make this world a better place through your writing. There is plenty of negative stuff already. If you join a writer’s groups and chats choose one that resonates with you.

4.      Letters and emails:

Well, there was a time when letters and cards were the norm. Now, it is emails and chats. Stay in touch with writing of every sort. Express your yourself in which ever way that suits you. Life is so short, and it is vital for us to share our feelings and sentiments with our loved ones and readers.

Do it anywhere and everywhere:

I once went to a book launch of an author who had written his entire book in his phone, during the long flights. Yes, it wasn’t a novel. You can do it like that, or do it in a tiny notebook in your purse or briefcase. Keep something handy with you to write. Anywhere, and everywhere!

Take your first step today:

If you haven’t done it already, you can start today. I’ve shared several options. If you have an idea, do share.

While you are at it, do watch YouTube videos of authors.

Here is an audio book about the life of one of the most successful author and script writer, Sidney Sheldon.

If you want a list of some favorite books to read?

The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma.

Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert

Meanwhile, stay blessed and protected. ?

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  1. Do know one thing I am one of your readers who reads all your blogs. And reads it completely.
    Second thing is how you came to know I want to start writing. ?
    I am surfing now a days to look for some pointers to start writing and here you are with these great videos. Jazakallah for sharing your worthy knowledge with us
    Yes I agree most of us feel b very helpless not to do anything for our Palestinian brothers and sisters
    But we do have a weapon which is more powerful than any new age weapon and it’s dua
    We can make prayers no matter where we are
    In sha Allah this oppression is going to end soon.
    Loads of love your way

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Dear Kiran,
      Yes, I do know you are one of my most avid readers. Sorry for the delay in my next post. Hopefully, I’ll be more regular now. You know the reason why. You are such a psychic person. Lots of love. Yes, lots of prayers headed your way too.

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