The Pakish Identity – A Book Review

The Pakish Identity – A Book Review


A book dedicated to the teachers of Pakistan.

By Danish Rahi.


Last week, when I received a call from Danish Rahi asking me to speak on the occasion of book launch of The Pakish Identity. I found out the book was 364 pages, and my speech was to be between 3-5 minutes. I  became happy and apprehensive at the same time.  – Happy that it is just 3 – 5 minutes’ speech. (I can easily speak up to one hour!) Yet, very apprehensive at the prospect of having to read 364 pages. – It was quite frightening. Like a true Pakistani, I let the project be delayed till the last couple of days.

However, the moment I picked up the book, I just couldn’t put it down. I hated, leaving the book to do any chore. I felt like just dashing back, to read it onwards.

Iv’e worked for over 22 years as a freelance writer. Once I asked Ziauddin Ahmed the resident editor at Dawn office, Islamabad, if he could give me a tip about writing. He said, “whatever you write, write straight from the heart.”

While I was reading this book, I thought of those words by Ziauddin Ahmed. Yes, Danish, you have written straight from the heart. Your purity of feelings is evident. Your narration and flow of words are beautiful.

The size of the book is just what is the demand of the subject. You have taken on this topic with such single-minded bravery and detailed research. The in-depth scrutiny is even deeper. I loved the way, you wrote simply, yet without leaving out any facet of this intriguing subject.

The approach is refreshing and flow is great. Danish, you smoothly glide through the complicated nuances, history, and world personalities’ you quote freely from western and eastern authorities on the subjects. This book certainly is the need of the hour.

As a reader, I dislike books where the writer is taking too long to get to the point. Danish gives us credit for having the intellect to grasp his words. At no point did I feel while reading that any  part of it was unnecessary. Each word is vital in explaining his message.

All I want to say is that this is a book that must be read by every Pakistani. Specially those ones who believe that Pakistan has nothing left to offer.

I can’t tell you how much joy has been given to me, personally by Danish, for having accomplished this feat.  He has done it for Pakistan, and its future. He has joined in with the ‘Relay race’ he has mentioned in his book, which was begun by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Allama Iqbal, Quaid-e-Azam,  and other true leaders and can be continued by so many others today.

Mansoor Rahi, and Hajra Mansoor have a son who has offered great hope for the future of Pakistan I hope, he is not alone in such an endeavor. Recently, I read a book by Nadeem Farooq Paracha called the ‘End of the Past.’ Which also calls for us to know the past but be directly involved in building a better future for a Pakistan which we all love.

On August 14th, 2016, it will be 69 years of Pakistan. – Almost seven decades. Let us all promise ourselves, that each one of us will do our best for our country. Where ever we are , and whatever we are doing, we will do it better, for the sake of our Pakistan.

In the end, I would like to suggest, that when you get a copy for yourself, please also get a few more to give as gifts to your near and dear ones. We all need to read and apply this concept offered by Danish.

Thank you Danish for a great piece of work, your work has given me great hope for Pakistan’s future.



Please note: this book is available on, kindle, espresso books, Barns and Nobles throughout USA, also, in US, libraries. It shall also be available in leading shops in Pakistan.

A few notes I made while reading the book:

  1. Not soft image – soft power.
  2. Marketing strategies can be used for countries too. In this case, Pakistan. (Compare with other countries, which have ‘packaged’ their countries so well, in spite of many obvious set-backs and negatives.)
  3. Biro – piano that worked after a few attempts. Every product of a country, no matter how small is its representative. It is vital to make every piece at its best.
  4. Crank up the second engine of the aero plane, (India’s plane is running on both !) The second engine is the soft power.
  5. Pakistani history starting from millions of years…. just 16 miles from here. Oldest stone tool found near Rawalpindi, from stone age.
  6. History of Pakistan written so beautifully. It should be in all school text books.
  7. Proved that Pakistan has a history of identity independent of India from the very beginning.
  8. Urdu language:
    • Histry of Urdu began in 1193. AD.
    • Urdu Literature began with Amir Khusro.
    • Urdu back ground is Turkish, Persian and Arabic.
  9. Jihad: jadd-o-juhad. Exertion or striving.
  10. Hadise: ” Jihad is word of truth in front of oppressor.”
  11. Jinnah said 3 main elements needed education, economic (industrial) defense.
  12. Iqbal: Self-actualization of Maslow’s theory and ‘Khudi’ are the same. While Pakistan has not been sure of its identity and is still confused: Japan, South Korea, China and Turkey’s progress  – needs to be noted.
  13. At 18 years, Danish how he was treated at Heathrow airport, when he lost his baggage. (For the first time in his life, he heard a person use the  words like ‘Bloody Paki’ while referring to him) – perhaps, this book was born on that day.
  14. Identity crisis a term coined by  Erik Erikson. Seven areas that need to be seen:
    • Time perspective: moving towards your long term goals.
    • Self-certainty: are you the same inside and out?
    • Role experimentation: have you chosen best role for youself?
    • Anticipation of achievement – optimistic about your own prospective achievement….. etc.
  15. Pakistan facing acute identity crisis. The same points mentioned above can be figured out for our country too.
  16. Leadership crisis. Pakistan is a country which become orphaned at the outset.
  17. “Leadership is like a relay race, similar to the Monarch butterfly.” – Carrying on the legacy in-spite of key personalities, losing life in the middle of the session. -The torch to be taken generation to generation in the same direction, to achieve the same objectives.

18. Home with windows open.

19. Art: “Artists play a key role in the advancement of a nation.”

  1. Terrorism to Tourism.
  2. Letter to my great grandchild. (I loved the thought.)


There is much more to this beautiful book. Please do read it with relish, slowly and enjoying each page and paragraph of it.  Just like you enjoy a favorite dish of yours!

It’s a true labor of love.

Stay blessed, my dear reader. 🙂



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