Hocus Pocus – without any Focus
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Hocus Pocus – without any Focus

When you are trying to do what you really want to do!


Abbas Husain my mentor and friend often uses this terminology which is so blatantly true about our lives today.

How can we focus?

“Nothing can be achieved unless you allocate a time and place to it. –even if one of these is missing, it won’t happen!” says Mahjabeen my spiritual mentor.


Ok, so you allocate a TIME and a PLACE to it. Then what? HELL BREAKS LOOSE! That’s what! Just like when you keep some money aside …. “To be used only for an emergency.” You tell yourself. Within a day or so, an ‘EMERGENCY’ will certainly happen.

Hence we end up with a ‘hocus and pocus without any focus!’

I thought it was more difficult as a woman.

Now, I’ve been a man (too) for over four and a half years, (since my man died and left me in a quagmire of unsolvable and lengthy problems of the man’s world too )….

I’ve realized it’s even more difficult to remain focused as a man also.

But then I’m not a real man. A man has a wife, who takes care of his ‘other’ issues, (stop thinking like that!) she looks after a lot of issues, like all domestic things, plus what to cook plus… all the small and big matters. What gift to give whom, which party to attend, and which one to ignore and so on. Now, I’m a man with no ‘wife’, so have to do all those things too.

But the good thing is: I can see exactly how a man feels and how a woman feels. What shall I call it. I’m a woman with ‘bi-focal’ eyes now…. (his and hers points of view).

Does it make it more tough for me to focus on one thing? Well it does too.

I just flip the paradigm and think “How does a Prime Minister function then?”

“Well,” I tell myself sweetly, “he has many people designated to just keep him focused on the matter at hand.”

I have no one to do that. A wife is very good at keeping her husband focused on the matters at his hand. (- Not realizing that there are many other matters that are also in his hands, which he never told her about, only to avoid making her get worried.)

So, come to think of it, most of the ‘distractions’ from my ‘focus’ are also caused by me. I’ll have to confess that.

Like today, I had planned to spend it all on editing my book. Then, at one last night, on the Whats App, I suggested my friends to have lunch today. So, now I’ve just returned from the lunch. So, it was all initiated by me.

But we have so much fun. And it was so important because, Tahira was leaving for a month for China, you know, we had to meet.

So, it’s ok. It was fun. These are wives of my husband’s close friends, and we call ourselves ‘G-9 sisters’, and like to meet up.

So, it’s a matter of adjusting the important with the more important. That’s what its all about.

Back to FOCUS. I’m wanting to emulate many writers who go to restaurants coffee houses to write their books.

I had planned all that, but Huma offered to pick and drop me. I didn’t have the heart to tell her about my today’s ‘FOCUS’.

Well, I still have the whole afternoon left.

Plenty of time to focus.

Meanwhile it’s time for my siesta……..

Stay blessed, my dear reader!


Question for my reader: Is it as hard for you to focus too?



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