Master Painter

Master Painter

Just read these verses by Rumi…. .

I think reading Rumi’s verses can actually make one a bit dizzy. They really tend to hit home. As life goes on, you realize that there are times where you just have to surrender and trust Him. Many times we do not understand what is happening to us. It only hits home much later.  Then, we get to understand what life at that time, was actually all about!

Funny! How brilliant we think we are, with all that education and all those degrees, and accomplishments. – All that is just a tiny dot in the larger canvas of life.

I’m very much into Time Management and Self-Management. Love to try out all that I study in the books that  I read. Then I sit and plan everything out. Suddenly there is a silent ‘bang’ and I find myself on another road, walking towards another destination. It means another ‘reality check’ with my new direction in life.

I wonder, what I’m doing here. Then I realize there must be a ‘Master Painter’ who is behind all this. Then I’m content. I know He knows best.

He has always known best.

Like the time I wanted to go to NCA .. National College of Arts, in Lahore, Pakistan. I wanted to become an artist and study art. But then my parents felt I was too young to handle the co-ed college with that bad reputation. They put me in College of Home Economics, Lahore, Pakistan, instead. They promised that after graduation (when I’m older and more mature, they’ll put me in NCA.) That never materialized. A  big scandal took place there, and that was the end of that. So I ended up doing MSc in Related Arts, from College of Home Economics instead.

As it turned out, I still became an artist. I also learnt how to manage my home and family in such a way that I could pursue my interests without letting my family get affected due to it.

It worked out fine.

Somewhere along the line, while exhibiting, and getting posted to different places, and having three lovely girls, I became a writer too.

So, what I’m trying to say is. One must try to do one’s best, in every situation. But after that – leave it all to the Master Painter. Let Him make the final moves. When He makes a move, just go along with it, knowing He really does know best.

Call it Karma, call it Destiny, call it Stars, call it an act of God, – whatever you like. But whatever happens, happens for a reason. Sometimes, you tend to feel your life has let you down. People have let you down, and what not.

Wait.  Breathe deeply.   Watch …..

Find the solace,  that has been planned all along. Find the peace within. Find that elation, which comes from surrender to the Master Painter. Get totally enveloped by it all…..

Stay Blessed, my dear reader. 🙂

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  1. riffatnaim says:

    Definitely God is the almighty painter whi painted the entire universe with his creativity. SubhanAllah!!!.We indeed cannot hudge by our limited vision what he has in store for us.
    It is so heartening to know there is someone else who went through the same experience as myself. Itoo wanted to graduate from the National College of Arts. NCA as it known.The untoward incidences at this institution made it impossible for me to opt for an institution where our family and parents were not sure of sending. Thus alas I also opted for the College of Home Economics, Gulberg 111, Lahore. My focus on art and creativity was fulfilled by its prctical syllabus to a certain extent but the desire remained always to acquire the professional artists attitude . Although the spirit of CHE was conducive in making me a successful go getter and a mind to make the most out of nothing, my desire to get a degree from NCA persisted. I obtained a successful Diploma degree in the subject of professional Calligraphy here. I am a very versatile entrepreneur and a very adaptable homemaker.
    My dear friend Shireen Gheba has sparked my past by her narration of hiw she went ti CHE.

    1. Yes, my dear friend. What an interesting situation where I find out now, how our intentions and goals were the same since we were teenagers! How wonderful that you have become such an accomplished calligrapher from the same institution, so many years later. We have spoken on a billion topics but missed this one out. Just proves, that one must hold on to one’s ambitions, no matter what. Be sure He will arrange something better for you, later on. Love and hugs to you, one of my very dearest friends. Stay blessed Riffat 🙂

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