Art Classes in Shireen’s Studio

Why art?

Because art adds a touch of panache in one’s life, that’s why.  As you paint, you realize it just brings that sparkle into your life!

Without art, there is no cherry on the top of life!

You’ve heard about … ‘Truth is beauty and Beauty is truth.’ And all that type of stuff. Its true.

 As one poet said:

Sochiye to husn kafir kutch nahi,

Daikhiye to daikhtay reh jaiye….!

(If you think about it, beauty is nothing,

But when you look at it, you just keep looking!)

Iqbal says in his Stray Reflections that intellect is fine, but when there is presence of beauty, even intellect can take a back seat, (or something to that order.)

Let me put it like this:

  1. Art develops your aesthetic sense: So we learn to surround ourselves with beauty, not only in our paintings, but in our thoughts, environments,relationships and home.
  2. Love what one does: While painting, you are doing what you love to do. We have music, tea and chatting going on too.But it is mostly, a peaceful silence too. A silence of concentration.
  3. Art makes you think at a higher level: So,you are thinking of ideas, and how to interpret them here. It can be lines,compositions, colors or events. Anything! – Sky is the limit. Socializing with like minded people: You get to make friends with persons who are above and beyond the ‘who-is-who and gossiping’ lot.
  4. It is healing. It heals one’s mind,heart and soul. It removes any anxiety, depression or negative thoughts. There is just no space for it, here.  
  5. It removes pain from one’s body: as it takes your mind to more soothing activities, your muscles relax, and any pain anywhere in the body also gets better, as your muscles are relaxing now. So, art brings physical relief too.
  6. Organizing your canvas and your life: The steps help you manage your life better, with that ‘start’, ‘middle’ and ‘end’-  like of a painting. It teaches one to ‘compose’one’s life, with beauty and thought in it. Managing life becomes easier. As Madiha put it, ‘ever since I started painting, I found I could deal better with the other parts of my life too. –You learn to compose your day better, like a canvas. You learn balance, order, symmetry,somehow,
  7. Balance in Life: Art brings balance into one’s life.
  8. Brings recognition of your talents: It makes others see you in a different light.
  9. You look at your environment differently:Art makes you see the world around you with a different light too. You become aware of the color, lines, shapes, forms, harmony and balance, along with tints and tones in nature.
  10. You look at your loved ones differently:You see the way the light falls on their faces, the way they look. How they dress.The color compositions. The beauty of that smile, that glow on the face, that light and shade falling on that loved one’s complexion.

Oh my goodness, I could go on and on.

You got what I mean.

Come, join in the fun.

Stay blessed. 

NOTE: Exclusive classes IN ISLAMABAD ONLY, in a comfortable environment.

Kindly register on my Facebook Page by sending me your name as a message, and paying for your space. Limited seats only, as I keep it exclusive.

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