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Folk Heritage Museum and complex

40012786_2121319907901290_9212941588517355520_n.jpgIt was Uxi Mufti, the son of Mumtaz Mufti, who established this place many decades ago, in Islamabad. Uxi Mufti is the guru behind it all. The one who convinced the government to take responsibility to make a place where folk art of Pakistan is archived, preserved and presented.

Here is also a theater where events take place to give a respected place to the local artists and musicians from all over the country, to perform. 40059012_2121321524567795_8487749979929051136_nRecordings of their talented performances are also preserved in their archives. A set up of shops inside the museum and outside, where there are opportunities to have a permanent outlet for the folk artists’ work on sale.

This gives a source of sustenance to the artists too! I’m so glad he took this initiative, otherwise, a great deal of the treasures of our country would have got lost. This also gave  value to their work, which was previously considered inferior.

40065070_2121318841234730_3676278622810800128_n.jpg It was a pleasure to visit the museum to find out how many new additions have been made and how well kept it is today also. 🙂

You can literally walk through the ancient to recent history of Pakistan, while also having a walk through all its provinces and regions. The local folklore of Heer Ranjha, Shireen, Farhad, Laila, Majnu, along with literature, music, and dresses of different regions are shown here in a beautiful way.


A child can get the concept of Allama Iqbal and his poetry, seeing him represented here.

Quaid-e-Azam, the father of the nation, is seen sitting in his drawing room, along with Begum Liaqat Ali Khan and his sister Fatima Jinnah. 

We had gone there on the fourth day of Eid ul Azha and the place was packed with families. It was wonderful to see the appreciation that people were showing, of the work done by so many wonderful persons of management. It is definitely a place worth visiting. Specially, to bring those friends and kindred from abroad, who don’t have much time, yet need to know what this amazing country is all about!

Folk heritage has certainly caught the true flavor of Pakistan!

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