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Is Life Something Else?

Lovely brunch at Islamabad club organized by Nigar Nazar. It was a lovely book launch by Dr. Shahnaz. An Urdu and English book of her humorous poetry.

Hi Everyone!

Why do we feel a bit dissatisfied all the time? Isn’t it so? As if something is missing. Someone is missing. Always. Never perfect. But then, there is no such thing as perfect! Why don’t we understand this?  It is always the something else that is happening in our lives, which adds the mirch and masala…. the spice of life.

Beautiful book in Urdu and in English containing her poetry and thoughts.

Firstly, it is about accepting the imperfections, as normal in life. Secondly, to accept the accidents in life. Embrace them. Because perhaps, they were meant to come into our journey. Only, we didn’t realize it. I mean, you think it is one thing, I think it is another thing. I want to write books, do paintings, and what not. But am I doing it? Mostly not! I find myself doing ‘something else’ most of the time! That is why I don’t get to do what I’d originally planned. On top of it. There is more and more of that ‘something else.’ I might as well accept the fact that life is Something else, and not what I had planned it out to be.

… and yet…

I’ve got to re-align myself? Or include the something else, along with my original plan? Do both?

What’s wrong with ‘something else?’


Except that sometimes you get too distracted by it. So much so that you forget your original goals.

Ask yourself:

If it has weightage, and provides you the essence of life and living which is to feel happy, healthy and satisfied. Then it is okay! Accept it.

Retract if you aren’t satisfied

If it isn’t, then get yourself back on your original track.


Just ask yourself, will it make me feel sad? Or will I feel happy to let it go?

You see, this charity work that I’m doing so much now, has taken over my life. I’m loving it too, but sometimes it gets overwhelming.

Also, you feel, that perhaps these people need to learn to catch the fish and learn better ways to manage themselves and their money to become independent. That is what I should be doing, helping them to find ways to become financially independent. But then, in these Covid19 days, I guess this is all we can do – firefighting – hence the Food Drives and the Bridal Projects.

Firefighting and ‘something else!’

Who moved my Cheese?

A block buster book you must read. ( Don’t worry, it is a small book.)

How many of you have read that block buster book? It is all about change management. The subject is beautifully explained through a story of four mice; two couples of mice and their attitude towards change. One of them, shows you how it should be, and the other shows us how most of us are. We are all living in our own cocoons, not willing to get out of our comfort zones.

So, what I’m saying is this: happily walk out of your comfort zone, on to the ‘something else’ happening around you, and embrace the change.

So, life can be even better:

Something even better than what we had planned. Thanks to this ‘something else’ that one hadn’t planned for.

Ever thought of that one?  


But then, you’ve got to check it out for yourself first.

Stay blessed and protected! ?

View from my desk.

Note: Photographs by Sadia Ejaz of the brunch and the book by Dr. Shahnaz. Rest of photographs by author. Photograph of book from online sources.

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