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Bullet blogging & Sept 2020

Hi Everyone!

Exactly four years ago I was here! Mt. Rainier and my A in Seattle.

If Edvard de Bono could write a book in four days, I can jolly well write a blog post in forty-five minutes and upload it before it becomes tomorrow. Yes, I’m challenging myself. I’m telling you, I’m done with myself and what keeps happening in my life to take me far from my goals! (I know I can achieve this challenge, when I’ve managed to go on ground for interview, pictures and do research, then write and send an article for Dawn’s Metro within two hours.) This should be peanuts.

Bullet journalism:

When there can be bullet journalism, there can be bullet blogging too. I mean it is a possibility which can become a reality. Life is too FAST. I don’t know about yours but mine certainly is!

Just now my daughter Nadiya Najib was telling me to get down to the ‘homework’ she had given to me, asap. I told her that the Property tax guys have thrown a bombshell on me, and I have to run around in circles for that. Also, more reasons why I can’t get back to the work which is close to my heart.

My blogging is my connection with you:

I mean it isn’t just blogging for me any more, it is you. Being connected to you all, on Instagram has become another passion for me. As you can see I’ve been pretty busy there too. But nothing to beat the written word either! It has its own flavor which needs to be savored.  

Why not Bullet Blogging?

Ok, so about bullet blogging, let me try; neither do you have time, nor me. So, what do I want to share with you?

So, here goes:

Why can’t I do what I want to do?

Simply accept it all, but keep it a learning experience.
  • My dog Pepper got lost, on September first.
  • I spent ten days doing everything looking for him. Everything!
  • Then in two weeks, I got a female cocker spaniel, so if I find Pepper, he will be thrilled to find a partner too. Meanwhile, I can’t be without a pet in my house. (Yes, yes, to cheer myself up!)
  • Mrs. Pepper came behaving as if she had spent her life with us. ?
  • Then I fell while taking my friend and Mrs. Pepper to Trail 5, as she was pulling me too hard on her leash, and I slipped and fell.
  • The doc said, I’ll now have to get my knees replaced.
  • Oops! Yes, they are pretty painful now.
  • Then I got the tax bill which was highly exaggerated, and I couldn’t find the receipt for the payment I had made! Now more circles to run around!

Celebrate successes first:

Flowers to celebrate the good parts… 🙂

Wait! Before going any further, let us first look at the good stuff too:

  • The flow of charity work has continued:
    • Bridal project 46,47, and 48 took place, in fact a mini one today also.
    • Food Drives have continued non-stop and are now in 160s. ?
    • I’m trying to have a separate account for Pakistani donors, but that is facing hang-ups of its own. (Nothing here, can happen smoothly! Nothing. ☹)
    • Trimmed three organizations whom I support – from my website: CSS, Gosha-e-Mashal and Binte Fatima, as they are already streamlined and running on their own. So, you can directly donate to them.
    • Successfully went through the heart operation of Emaan, daughter of Ayub. ?
    • Alhamdolillah, my mother is fine and so are we all.
    • Started attending art classes again. ?
    • Began work on my next publication of Message from the East of Allama Iqbal. (Even if I only went once to the printers, yet the work has got restarted.)
    • I’m already feeling better! (You must write your successes first!)
    • Delegated the food drive and bridal project to my staff, and I supervise generally. Catering is done by two professionals, and the kitchen stuff is brought by owner of a shop. So, that has got streamlined, already.  

Enumerate shortcomings:

  • Improve my painting: Yes, the art classes have begun, that’s begun, I just have to paint at home too. 
    • Streamline my writing time. (Its 11.00 pm now,) but this is nice. I’ve always written at night. Why don’t I do that again? You achieve your goal in lessor time at night, (stay offline too, and put that phone on airplane mode.) There are definitely lessor interruptions at night.
    • Organize my writing projects, take on help in editing, etc. Get more help onboard.
    • Take help from interns to complete the book project, etc.
    • Improve all important paper filing systems: This has to be done, to make sure all my papers are in their place. Make a place for everything, and keep everything in its place.
    • Check out my bad habits due to which I get distracted, and miss out details.  
    • Recheck my own daily/weekly routines. There are bound to be flaws in it, if my objectives aren’t being achieved.
    • Upgrade the staff daily/weekly timetable too, add the timings now. After that supervision is a must.
Need that deeper connection at all times.

Sharing how to improve:

  • I know you too have so much to do, but fall short, just as I do.
  • We both need to re-align ourselves to our goals.
  • Yes, I’m working on three more posts mainly for you.

Your feedback on bullet blogging needed:

Please comment and give me your feedback on this bullet blogging format. I’m really liking it. If you like it too, I can continue with it.

Meanwhile stay blessed and protected. ?

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