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Finding peace in Hectic life

Hi, Everyone!

Going about your life, suddenly one finds that the ‘peace’ factor is missing. Life is all about comings and goings. But got to be at peace with one’self while going about one’s busy-ness, business.

Sighhhh, now after the Covid19 was getting controlled, we are finding the numbers rising again. It is all over the world. May Allah protect us wherever we are in this world. Naturally, we don’t feel at peace! I guess, we’ve got to re-align ourselves again and not get complacent. Most of all I feel we need to find peace within ourselves. Its been a tough year, all round. Finding peace within ourselves became a bit of a challenge.

There were ‘high’ moments too, but a lack of feeling of deep satisfaction. I wondered ‘why?’ Suddenly, I realized, that though theoretically, we are following most of the SOPs of life.

When our spiritual side gets mechanical, our peace just flies off somewhere.

That’s it.

Something missing.

Saying prayers and giving sadqa mechanically isn’t effective; without putting our heart into it. I guess, it is about being mindful about it. Hence the ‘something missing’ feeling. I’m loving this charity work. However, it has literally taken over my life. I don’t have any energy (or time) left to do what I’ve done all my life. Blogging, writing, painting and completing my books. So, I’ve lately been doing the charity work, a bit mechanically. All the time wondering how to put my own interests back into my life.

Know what I mean?

Our mind is elsewhere, and we are somewhere else. That’s what it is.

Bringing spiritual peace back into our lives:

Deep down, one needs that feeling of peace. How and when did it get eroded? How to bring it back?

Spot trouble areas:

A trip to mountains brings life into perspective. You need distance, to ponder on life.

I found it! It is because I’m too much time on my Instagram account (Hence the never-ending stories!). It is too distracting. If I don’t control it, my life can get taken over by it. Online life doesn’t give one peace – unless we do some amazing, meaningful work on it, – that’s how it gets justified.  So, I don’t want to leave it, (not unless you want to leave our charity work too.) But then I want to complete the work on my latest publication.

 I’m sure I can figure it out; because when you want something badly, you will find a way to do it too. Even if I have to get up early for it, or sleep earlier. Whatever!

How to get one’s peace back?

Make space for activities that give you peace.
  • Control online activities, which are distractions mostly.
    • So, Nadiya my daughter and my technical help, took it in her hands to reduce distractions by controlling DMs.
    • Those who want to give charity can give from my website, those who want counselling can do it from here too.
    • Remember, kutch paanay kay liye kutch khona parta hai! In order to achieve anything, sacrifices and loss has to happen.
  • Stick to the important stuff and move back to my own life.
  • Make schedules and stick to them.  
  • You know, that when you say ‘yes,’ to someone else, you are saying ‘no’ to your own self? Got that?
  • Also, get out of your own way; many times we make rules that keep our peace from us too! (This makes sense, believe me!)
  • Face up to personal shortcomings. Note, improve and move on.

Love my distractions but don’t like the cost:

So, sometimes we have to take steps for the sake of peace and sanity in our lives. So, I went to the mountains with the Haroon family. It was sheer joy. I realized, I was killing myself inside by refusing their offers of trips to mountains. Sometimes one needs to give priority to one’s own self too.

so happy being with Haroon, Uzma, Daniyal and Sadia. It was a beautiful one-day outing.

Remember one thing:

Never blame outside factors for your problems, you are definitely to blame for not achieving your goals. I mean I am! So, my solution is within my own control. It purely depends on me, how I deal with my own output. If it isn’t satisfactory, then its my fault. Pure and simple! If it is my fault, then I can resolve it too!


By the same token, if I lost my dog, there were things for which I was to blame: Letting him be too friendly with members of the community. (Though most of them are wonderful persons, but it made him an easy target for crooks.) Also, I should have made my staff more diligent for him too. If I lost an important receipt, then it means my ‘system’ for keeping old receipts has loopholes in it. Must improve these.

Why do we have to have a crisis to learn a lesson? Why not earlier?

Be kind to yourself!

In hindsight, I’m being harsh with myself. I guess. When I look back at all that I’ve done in this last month I’ll have to forgive myself. So, no one is perfect, nor can I be either, (Brene Brown’s book Gift of Imperfection.) So, its okay. It happens. Just being glad that in the end, we managed to marry off three brides last month, and pay up for heart operation of Eman, as well as for her post-operative care. We managed to give food daily for up to 200 persons daily. Besides this I got a lot of small repair work done in my house, and some new things too. Gave my staff some better benefits which I was wanting to give them.

In short, in the end, most of the stuff that was taking away my peace has been resolved. Except a few. – But what life be without them? ?

All in all, not bad at all!

Spiritual enlightenment:

To get that peace, I realized, one needs to be mindful that whatever one is doing, is to make our Maker happy. Aligning oneself to Him, at more times. Do whatever you do, but look up saying, ‘Allah, this one’s for you!’ Then later on you don’t regret, nor feel peace-less. I mean, you become full of that feeling of peace. When someone is nasty with you, just forgive him, mostly for your own peace of mind.

Meanwhile, stay blessed, protected and at peace. Happy Friday! ?

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  1. Thoughtful write up.
    Yes we need to be easy on ourselves.
    Escaping from the monotony of life brings up the jazz again into ones life.
    Nature do heals the wrong people gives us so stay connected to nature.
    Loads of love your way. ??

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Kiren my friend,
      I loved the way you were looking forward to reading my next blog post the other day, when we met. 🙂 Having the same back ground, we can truly connect with each other.
      So, you feel it too? Nature to me is a tonic. We owe it to nature to nurture it. Take care.

  2. Nature do heals the *wound *

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Yes, truly, in every way! 🙂

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