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Seven Ways to End the Year.


The countdown has begun… clock is ticking away …. ending this year. I don’t know about you, but for me this year, literally flew. Let’s try to end this year right. So, we are set to start a proper new year. How? I can suggest the following …

Seven ways to end the year:1468534_679509525415676_1787502522_n

  1. Thank Allah: The One who has been so kind and benevolent. All these blessings in spite of all our short comings. We keep committing mistakes and He is the oft-forgiving. In my case, after taking so many trials and tribulations, He blessed me with so much happiness. He has always blessed me, even during the trials and tests of life. That is the kind of God He is. I know one thing; when putting His human being through a test, He stands by, watching over one, giving wonderful helping hands through His angels on earth. 24900170_1769826979717253_5903068095603832539_n
  2. Thank the ones who are always there for us: Specially, give time to our loved ones. The ones who always are there for us and work for us no matter what.  As far as I’m concerned, I can’t  forget the ones who helped me during my tough times in life.  I love you all, and hold you all in the greatest regard, may Allah be with you and ease every hardship in your lives, as you did in mine. So, here goes: Chacha Jafar, Hasan, Amina, Chachi Shahnaz, Mahjabeen, Munazza, Qasim bhai, Zeni , Huma, Pinky, Tahira, Naveed bhai, Nasir Hamdani, Shahzada bhai,22886003_1719138671452751_79241077397025080_n Haroon, Uzma, Irfan Illahi bhai, Fairy, Shahid bhai, Fitrat, Riffat, Naim bhai,  Ayesha, Tanvir, Naila, Tabassum, Seema, Irum, Shabnam, Abbassi, Khoso, Aisha GM Shahida Apa, Mr. Ejaz, Dr. Feroza, Dr. Abdul Basit and  Haji Saeed (the later was our neighbor).  Many more who wouldn’t like me to name them, so a silent prayer for them too. Haroon and Uzma have been there like a rock for me. Every weekend we usually spend together, no matter what. Our conversations are fun and full of humor as well as the seriousness of life in today’s world. We all need to celebrate those who stand with us. Have you made your list? It is important for us to do this.20914379_1647583715274914_1997318781719127049_n
  3. Celebrate all targets achieved this year: 23434765_1925760967441987_8302135016926931228_nCelebrate the targets that were achieved, and even surpassed in some cases. Reward yourself and those who helped you achieve those targets. Many times, when some target is achieved, we then tick it off, and think, ‘What next?’ Hey, wait a minute. Enjoy this achievement first with your friends.
  4. Note the targets not achieved: Then decide now: (a)  can still achieve it within this year, (b) need to discard it altogether, (c) put into the new-year resolutions. Also, it is important to analyze why it got left out, it is the  lesson learnt this year; Remember, what to avoid next time. We do have certain habits that need shedding. Good thing to note those.
  5. Forgive yourself and others: For God’s sake stop holding grudges, and being too critical of others. While doing that, forgive yourself too.  Remember, just as others don’t know where you come from, you too don’t know where they come from. So, just forgive. We need to start the new-year with a clean slate.
  6. Have faith in the future: Life goes on. I have great faith in Allah. As I looks back, I’ve noticed how He takes care of us to the minutest detail. So, won’t He do so in future too? It is okay. If a trial comes, He will bring us into it after equipping us fully to face it first. So, no apprehensions!
  7. Give charity or sadqa: The best way forward is to remember the less fortunate. Give a special amount while praying for the whole family and friends always. Also, give sadqa for those who have left our world for a better one.

I know I didn’t propose any rocket science to you. But its best to keep life as simple as possbile. These essentials need to be remembered sometimes, as they can get washed away in the spate of our online and official lives.  Stay blessed my dear Reader. Wishing for you a very happy ending of this year, and beginning of the next one…. Smile please!


Note: Photographs and video provided by author, and the last one by Uzma.


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