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Power of Taking Small Steps

It was Neil Armstrong saying these words…. that’s how it all begins!

Already two weeks into 2021, and one is wondering what to do next. Where to begin? We have all our resolutions and dreams in place, but where and how to begin. We have to begin right now, with taking small steps in the right direction. That’s all.

Take baby steps:

The power of small steps cannot be undervalued. Remember the baby steps that a child takes? How many times the child falls, and slowly, after so many attempts and falls, one fine day the child is standing upright, and then walking!

That is how it is with any project we begin.

Don’t get upset or disappointed with the setbacks, just carry on trying.

All you need to know:

At this time and place in my life, you know what is the most important thing to do. You ask yourself, ‘What next?’ Know that you are working on it. Give it your best shot.

That’s all!

Parts of every project:

So, keeping the objective in mind, break it all up into doable bits which can be done within a couple of days or weeks at a time.


Whether it is garden planning, home decorations or your life goals.

Manage yourself properly:

  1. Define ‘what next?’ to yourself now.
  2. Once defined, chalk out your work plan.
  3. Specify each small step that needs to be taken.
  4. Make realistic goals, then do periodic checks.
  5. Adjust the goals whenever you deviate. Do not give up!

Achieve your goals:

  1. Learn to take failures and disappointments.
  2. Keep your eyes on your goal.
  3. Pray hard, work hard and play hard.
  4. Always make time for entertainment and relaxation.
  5. Keep your precious relationships in order while achieving your goals.

Now, you will stay blessed by taking those baby steps each day! 🙂

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