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The Journey & Surah Kahf

Salams to all!

Today, being a Friday, Mum and I sat to read the Holy Quran as we normally do, I noticed that it was Surah Kahf.

Read Surah Kahf every Friday:

I explained to Mum how it is believed that one needs to read this Surah Kahf every Friday for a reason; The reason is that you get to being okay with all that is happening in your life and in the world, by reading the story of Hazrat Khizr’s journey with Prophet Moses.

So, there is this journey, and then there are things that happen along the way. There is this journey of our lives, and all that happens in it. How, when something seemingly illogical and painful happens, we cry out against it and keep questioning ‘why?’ That is it.

We need not question what happens in our lives, specially when we know that it is from Allah. All we have to do is go along with it, patiently knowing that it was meant to happen the way it did for a reason.

Whether we understand that reason or not, isn’t the problem. The problem is how we bear it all, with patience and gratitude or with anger and frustration?

That is the big question!

The pandemic and Surah Kahf:

There were parts of this Surah, which as I kept reading out, I felt that todays’ scenario is so much relatable here. How, huge companies are getting bankrupt when just a few months ago, no one could ever have imagined such a thing! Hotels, airlines, businesses, and companies declaring bankruptcy. Of course, it is the people in them and many of us, who could never imagine ever getting ‘fallen’ are having to face it all. I’ve faced financial hardships and over a million dollar of debts in my past. That is why, it says that at all times in our lives we need to realize that everything is in Allah’s hands, not in ours.

Once successful, we tend to become contemptuous, and proud of ourselves, believing that we are invincible. We are not. Only God is. We are but a tiny fragment in this universe. All, and everything is in His hands and at His mercy.

So, we need to remember this fact at all times, whether we are being highly successful or we are in the throws of failures and bankruptcy.

The journey:

Each one of us is on our own journey. We meet different people at different times in our journey, whether to heal us or to teach us a lesson. At all situations we need to accept and embrace them. Knowing that it is Allah who brings them into our lives, and it will be He who decides how long they stay in it, and how they leave. It isn’t for us to wonder. Enough for us is to accept and embrace all. Forgive, understand and let go when the time comes to part.

It is all okay.  

Then to move on. With love and forgiveness in our hearts for the departed souls, whether the person departed from our lives, or from this world.

Doesn’t matter.

What matters is how we felt about them when they were in it.

That is all.

No conclusions, no stigma, nothing needed:

Because it isn’t for us to do that. It is for life to do that.

We just thank Allah for this great privilege of having known the wonderful souls that have visited us in our lifetimes.

Stay blessed and protected, my precious Readers. ?

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  1. I was reading your blog aunty and just thought to myself k dunyia ka sb se mushkil tareen kam apke sath jo b ho jaisa b ho us pr sabr aur shukar krna hai we humans get overwhelmed way too quickly kuch bura ho tou ro dho k astaghfar ka wakt zaya kr dete hain kuch acha ho tou khushi mai shukar ka wakt guzar dete hain sb se pehle hum Allah ko hi chorte hain jis pkre rehna hai asal mai hmesha maine parha tha k apni khushi mai Allah ki naimto ka shukar ada krna chahye takay jb kbi wakt acha na ho tou woh shukar apke kaam ae …maine apni choti si zindagi mai aik baat seekhi hai aunty k jo Allah ko ni chorte Allah unko ni chorta bs
    P.s it was a nice read ❤️

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Dear Maryam Umair,

      Kiya baat kar di ap nay! Kis khoobsoorti say baat ko samjhaya hai. Thank you so much. Bilkul sahi kaha, waqt hum ghalat waqt pay ghalat kaam pay zaya kar daitay hein. Allah maaf karay hum ko. Ap nay jis tarha baat ki, acha laga.

      Bohot hi ziyada acha laga. 🙂


  2. Kiran Imran says:

    I’m your silent Reader. Beautifully written aunty. I understand and agree with all what you have said. When we see things with unemotional vision there is growth n learning. “we always ask God to cure us of our hardships but we never stop to consider that hardships are curing us”. Lines from my recent read *Reclaim your heart * it is must have for all the women’s library.
    May God bless you Love you Aunty for the sake of Allah SWT.

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      I’m totally blessed with the quality and caliber of my Readers. What a comment! Loved your thoughts and thank you so much for sharing them.
      Stay connected, 🙂

  3. Thank you publishing this information

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      You are most welcome.

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