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Life Happens!

Rawal Lake at sunset.

Hi Everyone!

Hope and pray you all are well. So, you see, this is what life is like. It happens. As we sit and make our ‘to do list’ and the ‘monthly plan’ or ‘new year plan’… Life happens.

Normally, life happens only to you, while the world is going on its own way…. But this time, it has been all together.  So normally, while you think others are having a smooth and fun life, and you are the only one going through challenges. This time, everyone is having it really bad.

Learning to be ‘normal’ in the new scenario. Photograph by Sadia Ejaz.

Corona experience united all:

Somehow, when Corona happened, for the first time I think in the history of mankind all over the world, it happened to everyone together, even if it was one after the other; Regardless of socio-economic group, color, caste, religion, country or anything. As long as you are human. You could get targeted.

Very scary.

I hope we are realizing how much we had burdened ourselves and our families in our BC (Before Corona) lives. 

This is why Allah put us in this challenge. He wants us to ‘Stop doing what you’ve been doing! Think and ponder for a while… GET RE-ALIGNED’

A view from Bani Gala, photograph taken by Sadia Ejaz.

Some silver linings:

Yes, as we were taught that every cloud has a silver lining…

Believe me, this Corona is saving us from so many issues.

  1. It has simplified our lives.
  2. Thanks to internet, we are close to friends, family, and work.
  3. No parties, no extra expenses.
  4. All the events I held in my studio stopped. Now, I’m going to put a lot on Zoom soon, Insha Allah.
  5. Only charity work was done. (Life is more important.)
  6. Everything that matters is going on. Health, education, work.
  7. We have time to think out the big questions:
    • Who am I?
    • What have I become?
    • What have I done and achieved so far?
    • How have I been spending my time during last few years? (All that running around, was it going in the right direction?)
    • Where do I want to take my life?
    • How can I do it now?

Corona removed the ‘wrong’ parts:

Exactly! Lots and lots of time slots in one’s life was engaged and wasted on activities which were taking you away from your goals .

Idle pointless conversations on phone with persons who shouldn’t be in your life anyway.

Time to look back ….

Suddenly, you realize where you shouldn’t have been going. This happened only because of the lock down. Because, suddenly you had time to consider important things.

Photograph of my favorite Fatima Jinnah Park, in F-9 Islamabad, by Uzma Haroon.

Two weeks syndrome:

So, there is this suspense of ‘most dangerous two weeks’. In Pakistan it started in March – I know in other countries it began earlier – first China, then Italy, Spain, UK, USA and now Pakistan. By now we know, the ‘two weeks lock down’ keeps getting extended again and again. The results getting more deadly. We heard about the ‘curve’ and how to ‘flatten the curve’ by lock down. How, the better the ‘lock down, the flatter the curve’. We have heard it all.

Desperate situations leading to desperate measures:

A strange dichotomy took place. Lock down for saving lives. Yet lock downs created lack of income sources, more joblessness, more horrors for daily wagers. Hence the ‘soft lock down’ by Imran Khan.

USA just went crazy. People started protesting against lock downs, (hardly any social distancing there.) And then the death of George Lloyd was the final nail on the coffin. Rioting, protests and looting began all over the country. (Is it possible to do social distancing while doing all these?)

So, any way, it seems so funny with the developed country like America facing issues based on the color of skin. Primitive, I call it. The decades of hurt and pain. Meanwhile the horrific death tolls due to Covid19 in USA and other parts of the world kept rising.

It is more painful when you realize that it could be you next.

It was Karma too. All those years that America spent bombing Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and drone attacks on Pakistan on false charges. Those years of baseless cruelty on innocents had to come home. As they say, due to lock down the USA is ‘working from home’ these days!

Basically, the average American is a regular, law abiding and good guy; I’ve met many, and really liked them. Hope they don’t vote for such cruel guys again.

When will injustice in the world ever end?

I’ve loved a song I’ve heard in my childhood:

How many deaths will it take till he knows,

That too many people have died?

The answer, my friend,

Is blowing in the wind,

The answer is blowing in the wind!

Pakistan joined the bandwagon:

The number of Corona patients has steadily increased. As I write, it is 1,36,000, and is expected to rise to 2,00,000 soon. Miraculously, the death toll (so far, Alhamdolillah) hasn’t been bad at all. One cannot say, how much it will go. People are shocked that it wasn’t as bad here as expected. However, the game is still on, so we just hope and pray. Try to improve our own mistakes in the past. Ask Allah for forgiveness.

In the middle of the peak:

So, as life happens, we have finally realized in the middle of the ‘peak time of Corona,’ that this is here to stay for a while; This is why we have decided to proceed with our plans and go ahead with the marriage of my daughter Waliya. Why wait? Life is just not reliable any more…

Somehow, we plan to hold the ‘ruksati’ program or function in a way, that has never been done before.

So, we decided to go ahead with life milestones for this young couple, and wish them well. As I write, both are working on how to settle into their new home.

I feel so glad, that we held the Nikah Ceremony in February, 2020, here.


 Life happens.

Stay blessed and protected, my dear Readers. ?

PS: Just need prayers and good wishes.

Note: Photographs are mainly provided by author to cheer you up. Serenity and Serendipity comes from Nature. 🙂

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