The fragrance of life.
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The fragrance of life.


I think we all react. We are made like that. I have laughed so much during last two weekends, going to Abbottabad with friends, and then to Lahore, with college friends it was so much fun. Then, came home to sort out some ‘baggage’ that I’ve been carrying for last few years …. I already started with my blog ‘How we survived….” The rest is almost done now, it will appear very soon in my blog.

Some things are important. But not so important that you lose your own equilibrium. You see, I’m carrying two types of baggage the kilos that I’ve added to my weight, due to not walking enough. And the stuff that life doled out to me.

Both needed my attention lately, because I think I’ve carried them for long enough now.

Yet, I’m excited as I’m starting a new phase in my life. I’m now ‘on call’ in my present job, and not working full time, as before. While the organization is able to cope due to ample staff, I’ve got the time to do stuff that only I can handle in my life.

I think now, that any ‘baggage’ that you carry, should be of your own choice. Not of others…. If you know what I mean.

I’ve already chosen the baggage – I’ll call it-  ‘luggage’  for my life onwards. It is so exciting.  Once it is done, I’ll share it with you all. Hope it will be useful stuff. It is stuff that makes the stuff of life and living on this planet. – The stuff that strengthens you and gives you a reason to live on. The stuff that legacies are made of!

The fragrance of life.

Now you see, there is the rose, and there is the fragrance. There is life (rose), and there is a reason for life (fragrance.)  What would a rose be without its fragrance? For that matter, any flower. I love the narcissus, and they are in full bloom these days. Let me get some just now.

So round up time:

  • Check out baggage. Decide what to do with it. take necessary pleasant and unpleasant steps. Then throw it in the water nearby or if it could be of use to others, then ….  blog it!

Decide luggage for future use now. Start packing!

And thank you so much for reading, in spite of your own busy schedule.  Take care of yourself. You are one of the most important persons in my life – my reader.


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