Life is an adventure
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Life is an adventure

In college, my room in Gulberg in my Dadi Ji’s home, had a huge painted word on one wall…. ADVENTURE. A great Enid Blyton fan, since my childhood,  the adventure series were my favorite. Living a very routine life, where order was the order of the day. I yearned for adventure and excitement as a kid. It seems I was destined to get it all. I also wanted the heaven and hell of living, I loved life that much. Did I get that too!

Starting with getting married to a man who encouraged me to go on drives, and trips alone. I became a master of driving, and exploring new places and meeting new people. Somehow, it all culminated in my becoming a writer by accident. Though actually, I was an artist. I started painting since my childhood. Loved drawing, and composing new works of art.

The other love of my life has been reading. I’ve been a member of the British Council Library, wherever I went. After my masters, I learnt to walk into other isles away from the romantic fictions. Reading books by Stephon R. Covey, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and many others was my forte. Discovering Iqbal, Ghalib and Rumi was my greatest thrill. In the US, Suze Orman became my favorite at a time when I had hardly any money. I learnt a lot from her. She is so right in so many ways. I’m a total fan of hers. You should be too.

So, my adventures, landed me in and out of big trouble. But they gave me the thrill of life, confidence in myself, and the will to stick it out. No matter what!

I guess, this word ‘adventure’ took me on, as I drove through terrible storms, crying all the way, trying to meet deadlines of one kind and another. The skills that I gained along the way, with computers, writing, typing, cars – driving, good communication skills with people of all socio-economic levels and back grounds, all stood me well. when a problem arose, I only asked myself “How can I do it best?”  As an infantry officer’s daughter, and an air force officer’s wife, I had no fear of any kind to hinder me.

Its really true, God never puts you through anything without preparing you for it, in His own unique ways.

Perhaps the love of adventure was my way! 🙂

What is yours? Just know, that wherever you stand in life today, God has equipped you well for it. Know that he never gives you things that you cannot bear.(I know, at times one wonders if that is truly so!) But be assured He has the confidence in you. You can.

Thanks for giving me your time. Stay blessed.



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