It is Tax Time, People!
Positive thoughts

It is Tax Time, People!

Whats wrong with doing the right thing?


We want Pakistan to become a developed country, but we don’t want to pay taxes like all people in developed countries do. (Believe me they hate paying taxes too.)


imagesHey, Pakish people, now is the time to do the tax filing. Start now, before you are running around at the last moment. I really don’t want to go into that crap about “Why should we give tax?” and “Look at what the Government does! (Or does not do…)” and “I refuse to pay taxes to fill pockets of corrupt political parties.” Yes, I’ve heard what you keep saying. But this is what I say:


Just like a tree that gathers its strength from its roots. Its important to have money gained with integrity. Make sure you have only ‘halal’ money and property. Then pay your zakat and also tax. You know there are sections in this world who pay 10%  tax? Zakat is just 2.5%, so it is ok if we pay both. Also, if your money is halal, it will certainly be used for good work done in the country. Today, when you drive outside your home to your office, look around you… did you build the roads? The schools? The free hospitals etc? You see those ministers dishing out sewing machines to widows, and getting artificial limbs made for handicapped people? When there are floods or unexpected disasters, the government does the needful wherever necessary. Where does the money for all that come out from? Yes, our taxes. Don’t you want to pay your bit in all that?


Its time to get into your car and head now to get all information necessary to pay your taxes, or find out online. Meet the expert who will help you through the process.

So, let’s start now: What do you and I need?

  1. This is the list I have:
  • Bank statements from all your banks from July 1st 2016 till June 30th
  • The registration book of your car for the tax that you paid this year.
  • If you got a property, then proof of the property tax that you paid while getting it. The advance tax etc.
  • If you have anything on your name, take along proof of it.
  • The mobile phone company representative give me proof of the tax amount paid this year. So, you can talk to your mobile phone company too, if they haven’t done it already.
  • Proof of all the sadqa and zakat you have paid through Edhi, Shawkat Khanum or other organizations like Mashal, or other countless organizations that we give charity to, during the year.
  • There may be other requirements too, depending on your situation. We need to keep cool and get on the fast track.
  1. Find a recommended person who will help file your papers properly to become a tax filer. The charges are pretty nominal – around Rs.5000/- to Rs.6000/- Call the person. Decide a time to meet, find out what papers you need to take along. The process shouldn’t take too long, if you are already a filer. If not, even then it is worth the effort.

Special note to all you ladies and girls: you must go and do the needful. I can give you number of a lady who is also a professional person to help you girls who are working or own a business.



  1. You can even file your tax online. However, most of us get stuck at some point or another. So, it’s best to get it done by a professional.


We need to be cool headed and determined. Believe me, once you’ve done it, you will feel really good. You are going to get benefit of it at every step. Thank goodness, now tax filing is no problem in Pakistan. You can literally do most of it while sitting in your cosy drawing room.


So, let us turn on a new leaf, and do it. I’m telling you, it is not that tough. It is very ‘do-able.’


Let this year be a better year for us and our country. Okay, this is where you sing out “Pakistan Zindabad.” But before that, pay your taxes! Stay blessed, and keep smiling.

Note: All photographs taken by author except two cartoons from Google image.



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