TDCP Hilltop Resort at Khajut, near Murree.

TDCP Hilltop Resort at Khajut, near Murree.

One of my favorite spots near Islamabad.



I’ve been here so often that by now my girls almost hate it. Yet, they will never refuse to go, as it’s a lovely outing for someone living in Islamabad. I love the drive on the Expressway, from Islamabad to 17 km short of Murree. It takes about an hour or so.  The last steep climb up to the resort is really nice and challenging. Just be a bit careful, if there is oncoming traffic.

I found out about this place through my art group when Mansoor Rahi and Hajra Mansoor would bring about twenty of us on a coach to this place. While the tasty chicken karahi is being prepared, he assembles us for a lecture and demonstration on art. After that we spread around this area and do our own sketches and paintings. I’ve got many pictures of those sessions. (However, I can’t find any right now – good for you – otherwise, you would have been flooded with them! )


This is obviously a popular place. Once we saw about ten or fifteen vintage cars there. All were travelling from Lahore to Murree –  poor old machines. They looked amazing and quite charming. I had a feeling most of them had new engines inside their old veneers. Another time, we saw lots of bikers there, all in their smart leather jackets and interesting tee shirts. The motor bikes were very impressive too.

This bike obviously belonged to one of waiters there.

This time, there was just us. I had literally pulled my family out of home. I felt it is important for my parents to go out and be next to pine trees and have the freshly made naans, kebabs and handis. This time we even ordered finger fish which was delicious too.

My father settled comfortably in his chair, liked the place a lot.
My girl was thrilled with the hammock she found next our seating area.
So thrilled to be here, absolutely love being in mountains.

As we  get to the parking place, there is a charming place right next to it, right under the pine trees with the lovely views of the mountains and the road down below. Sometimes you can see those colorful painted trucks going along with their blaring music. The cool breeze hissing through the pines is really wonderful in this summer heat. When it rains here, you will find yourself right in the clouds.


Here we are: my parents and I.
My precious mother, so happy to be here, enjoying the ambiance.
Staff is courteous and helpful.

To be on the safe side I had brought shawls for my parents (aged 90 and 83 years,) knowing that if there is a sudden downpour it can get very chilly here. You too, should keep a light sweater or jacket for that unexpected change of weather sometimes.

We ordered the food, and the waiter told us  it would take thirty minutes. So, Waliya and I walked off into the nearby woods, enjoying the views.


Someone looking for a subject to shoot.


Someone very thrilled to be right here.


Loved the reddish color of the soil here.
My ninety-year-old father Brig. Sarfaraz sitting here with Hasnain my domestic help, all ready for the meal to come.  The guard nearby had brought this comfy chair for my dad.

The food we ordered was naans (baked bread) of all the varieties they had with kalongi, garlic, roghani and plain. There were seekh kebabs, handi, fish, and tikkas. Everyone enjoyed it so much that we totally forgot to take any pics.

Hasnain remembered how last time, I had brought only Mum and I had done a painting right here on my canvas with acrylics. Waliya was remembering how long ago she had come last time. It was over two years ago, and we had brought Maha too. Haaris and Nadiya had just been engaged, and it was great being here. It is amazing how much life changes within the short span of two to three years. More reason for us to make the most of the time we have together.


The girls having a lovy-dovy moment together.

The ducks, rabbits, hens and roosters walking around freely giving the place a unique charm. They are friendly and walk right next to you. Sometimes, they sit nearby and enjoy your company too.

There is a park for young kids. I remember how much my grown up ‘kids’ had enjoyed them too. The staff is really helpful and courteous, going the extra bit to help you with whatever you want. There is a clean enough wash room ( – provided the place doesn’t have too much of a crowd.)


There is a campsite here  too and you can have proper rooms to stay the night also. Not a bad place considering it is just seventeen kilometers short of Murree and giving you all the peace and tranquility. Everything here is quite reasonable and quite clean also.


What more do you want?


Stay blessed enjoying the wonders of nature near the place you live. 🙂


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  1. Dr Ijaz habib says:

    Amazing…. Stay blessed, healthy and prosperous…
    So cool, bringing along ur parents. … All beautiful

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I strongly believe in taking along our elders for fun trips. Why should they be restricted to trips to hospitals only? Stay blessed.

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