A visit to Golra Sharif Railway Station

A charming railway station near Islamabad, that deserves a visit.


It’s a six to ten km drive from Islamabad, on a bad road. Yet, I was charmed to get there, to see the station which was built in 1860 looking in good shape. The breeze lifted the leaves of the Banyan trees lying on the ground.  Winds of Time and Winds of Change were so evident here. It’s a charming place, from where the outlines of the Margalla Hills are visible.



The Museum was having a conducted tour , and the ticket of Rs.10 was very nominal fee to see such wonderful relics from the past.



I’ve just given you a picture tour here, and left out parts which you might be skipping anyway! It’s definitely worth going. Next time I want to go to see the pictures and the Royal Saloon here.

Just imagine,  one lives in the same city or town and finds one’s self leaving such places out for a ‘tomorrow’ that never comes.  I’m planning to visit such places around Islamabad and will take you along too.

Meanwhile, stay blessed, and keep smiling. 🙂

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Notice the note on the corner ‘to carry 2 horses or 4 ponies.’ 

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  1. This is awesome. Love it. It is really a tour of the place. I may share this on my blog too. You may also write on ‘Shah Allah Ditta’ on your blog. I’m sure you have pictures and videos from that visit when we went. Keep it up! Love this series. ???

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