Happy Birthday Haaris


You know, something Haaris? I wrote three blogs on you and all disappeared! That’s the computer world for you. Is it called, getting jinxed or something like that? Now, I’m feeling quite low, so this is my fourth attempt. Writing needs to be done in a fresh mode, but I’m not letting go that easily. Just as you didn’t. Just as you made your intent clear to the universe and won in the end, in the same way… in a very humble way… this blog. Yes, finally my blog on someone who deserves to be written on. Someone whom I’ve known since his mom was expecting him! Yes, Rumi and I met for the first time in a new year party in PAF Sargodha Officer’s Mess. We didn’t know how close we’d end up being… Allah has His beautiful ways.



Now, before I get all sentimental. Let me cut across over 3 decades and tell you why I want to write about you. Actually it is like an open letter to my son-in-law:

You came into our lives like a knight in shining Honda, asking for my daughter’s hand over three years ago. Your arrival felt great. Your intent felt even better. You have been lovingly welcomed into our family. Just wish your wonderful father Gp. Capt. Jalal and my husband would have been there to witness it all. But one thing is sure: – Their blessings certainly were with us, I can just picture both of them smiling down at you both!


Who wouldn’t be charmed by you? Tell me? Your sweet nature …. all six foot two of it. Your loving nature and your sense of responsibility, the fact that you are regular in your prayers and fasting, while being very dashing and up to date in your thinking and demeanor.  Your love for a special Japanese animes, and your love for Toblerones – the real ones!


So, there is the physical, spiritual side of you, then the emotional side, and … Yes, your caliber. I don’t think I can actually write all three of your degrees properly.  Let me peep into your Fb page…. Ah yes.


Avionics Systems Engineering at College of Aeronautical Engineering-NUST, PAF Academy, then studied Electronic Engineering and Instrumentation Systems at The University of Manchester and finally your MBA degree from the prestigious LUMS.


So, actually, you didn’t just match your father’s degree but surpassed it in flying colors and degrees. Just want to let you know how much I admire this quality of yours to work hard, and keep learning.

The fact that you have been class fellow of my eldest daughter Nataliya and are a friend of hers, made us feel great. Your having the same group of friends, same interests and same connections, made it even better. Now, we have another connection: Even the sad parts of life, like losing your father when you were just a teenager. Then the -heartbreaking experience of watching how the outlaws reacted?! “I know what that is all about!” You told us. Yes, now we can laugh about it too. So, there is great spirit of camaraderie among us, what with common back grounds, common interests and what not.

I guess it was in 2006 when you visited us again in AWC when you were working there, and my husband was the Deputy DG there. So, one fine day you came over. I saw you as a grown young man, doing your job and being independent. You had big plans then too, of going abroad for MS….

Rumi and you had come along to meet us around January 2012, after NK passed away. It was wonderful meeting you all. I had realized that Sahar had got married to Sungho. Meeting your mom in her elegant long boots and wonderful personality I realized there is a life afterwards too. Seeing her rise above everything to not only care for herself, but her two children who were still studying and then marrying them off too. How gracefully Rumi has taken everything, gave me strength. Her words on that fateful day, “God has made you go through this, because He knew you are strong enough to take it.”

So, finally we met again about three years ago 2013 December? When you and your mom came with the proposal and you got engaged to Nadiya. It was in August of 2015 that the two of you got married.

Happiness had touched our lives through you and your lovely mother, after a long time.  We got connected to one helluva family who felt as if they were quite tailor made for us! Alhamdolillah. 🙂

So, Haaris, just wishing you all that you wish for yourself, which you can happily cope with. I know you are a very responsible young man who takes his responsibilities seriously. You are a wonderful son, grandson, husband, brother, friend and son-in-law. Whatever you do, let nothing change the wonderful young man that you are!



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  1. Haaris says:

    Thank you so much mama. Loved it.

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Stay blessed! 🙂

  2. Roomi says:

    Thanks for appreciating and writing such fine words for my son. And let me tell you that you yourself have given us a wonderful daughter a gem . Mashallah . And both together will bring out the best in both of them.
    One more thing Sheerine you yourself are a wonderful person and have raised your girls well. Though we’re married to engineersyet we have taken the role of pilots who have fought tuff situations and have done perfect landings by the grace of Allah . Sugar Khuda ka for the strength he gave us . Alhumdullilah.

    1. Love you so much. May Allah grant you health, long life and happiness. Ameen.

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