Letter of Chief Seattle to the US General in 1852

Letter of Chief Seattle to the US General in 1852




As my trip to the US is coming to a close, I want to wrap up my trip with significant moments spent here.  So, there shall be a series of short posts on different aspects of life here in Seattle. It has to be admitted that the objective of my trip was to get some sanity back into my own life. It has been taking some roller coaster rides during last few years. But then, whose life hasn’t? Life in this world during our times, is like that, or ….  hasn’t it  always been that way?

Coming to Seattle and living  with my daughter Nataliya who is a photographer and my son-in-law Bilal is always a pleasure. When coming, I look forward to my conversations with Bilal. His thoughts are original and unique. Not to be wavered by any Western or Eastern winds. His library is another attraction for me, not to say about the libraries of Seattle itself.

Sometimes, this place reminds me of the Islamic times in Spain when Cordoba had seventy libraries. How could that be? I always wondered. Well, seeing this place, I can well imagine how that could be.

This time, being my fourth trip to Seattle, I’ve been through most of the ‘tourist’ attractions already with the visit to the Space Needle, the Flight Museum and the Boeing factory.  We’ve seen the Snoqualmie water falls, and revisited them this time. The lakes Washington and Sammamish were also revisited. I was pleasantly surprised by the colors of Fall.


So, Nataliya drove me to the Alki beach driving me along the coast which is quite spectacular. There, I photographed a plaque embedded on the footpath. There was a ‘Sealth’ mentioned there…. 20160916_110700It intrigued me. We also went to search for the place where the farm house was supposed to be here on 64th street. However, we didn’t find it. We just drove along the beach and walked along some parts of it  too. It was beautiful with the view of Seattle city. On one of my last visits we had seen Seattle’s night scene when we had come here with my husband and daughters. The kaleidoscope of city lights reflected in the water was quite spectacular at night.

Now, it was day time, and we saw another kind of beauty.


On return, Bilal mentioned the famous letter by Chief Sealth. I was quite intrigued. So, here it is for you. Suddenly, I felt everything very deeply for Chief Seattle. I knew exactly how it feels to have land which is yours be taken away from you. Because very recently it has happened to me. How it feels to have to hand over acres of land – whether it was a bargain, ‘sold’ or not. It was taken from Chief Sealth. He had to agree to it, due to whatever pressure. The fact remained that the value of the land was not in cash for him. It meant more to him than anyone else could imagine. There is another kind of ‘value’ to land which only a few can truly feel or empathize with.


I hope you never have to undergo such an experience as Chief Seattle went through. Do watch the video and feel his words written over a hundred years ago. May justice reign supreme in this beautiful world of ours. Ameen. Giving with prayers and wishes of prosperity is a good way to give. Today, this land is truly prosperous and those who live here, are benefiting the entire world.

Stay blessed, my dear Reader  🙂




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