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Watch out for general well being, after cancer.

Honestly, life’s challenges are endless. True. You get out of one thing, and another battle is in front of you. Well, lets accept that we were never meant to be here on earth for parties. It is quite the reverse. No matter how bravely you have faced all the battles and pitfalls in cancer treatment, you will realize that once you are through with the entire treatment – which could take around a year and a half or more – there are still pitfalls to watch out for.

You see, being pumped in with so many medications, there are bound to be some side effects of these. Also, by now you’ve had enough of the hospital visits, and then realize that all this time you were focused on your cancer, other parts of your body also had some issues which got neglected during this prolonged process. Now, these other parts of your body are crying for attention. In my case, I have some dental issues, my knee problem persisted and that tinnitus is getting quite bugging too. In your body’s case, it might be some other things. Make a list, and deal with them, one by one.

Taking walks daily is essential.

Lethargy in facing other issues:

‘What???’ you say, ‘more trips to hospitals? …. No!’ Yes, you’ve had enough.

But think about it. While you were battling that humongous battle, the rest of the body was being neglected, and it was also fighting this battle for you. Every part of your body and soul was with you during this all-consuming battle. Today, if you and I are out of it, is because of the cooperation of the rest of our body. So, why not take one thing at a time, and face these? Give attention to other parts of your body and get it working at its best too.  

Emotional and mental approach:

One needs to emotionally strengthen and convince one’s self to get appointments with the concerned doctors and do the needful. One by one, it will all improve. But, we have to give it time and attention. I know, one is quite at the end of one’s nerves. You tend to procrastinate, as you are literally done with those endless hospital visits and medications and tests.

Pamper yourself more:

This is why it is important to pamper yourself even more, and give yourself treats of different kinds, just remember that this life threatening battle took its toll on your body, there will be some more attention needed for a few other parts. Generally speaking, do continue with your selfcare.


Can’t thank Allah enough for His help in getting me out of cancer. Now, we’ve got to stay vigilant for other parts of the body also.

Massages, manicure and pedicure, soak in the tub, and taking multivitamins, good diet and lots of sleep. Go for walks, do swimming and exercises. Specially be diligent in doing those exercises that you need to do after the surgery, which your doctor has told you about. Just remember, your body has been through a huge upheaval, so be kind to it. Take a siesta in afternoons, and make sure you are not short on sleep. Balance the exercise and rest needed for you intelligently.

Take supplements: Especially, do continue with taking of Prime Resource, or Ensure regularly. It will take time for you to become your normal self. I also take a spoonful of panjiri. So, take extra care now. Also, I’ve found that I need to have a lemonade daily as a booster. Yes, it is an electrolyte which is important. Just check your blood pressure regularly and stay on top of your body care.

Visit relevant doctors for other issues. I developed some dental issues, along with my knee being too painful, and the tinnitus. Do go to whatever doc you need, too.

I went to this clinic in F-7 Supermarket, next to Margalla Sports. I found them very good.
Dental Consultants on first floor in Super Market of F-7, Islamabad, is pretty good.


Do whatever boosts you up. Reconnect with friends, invite them over or visit them. Watch movies together, or take them along for walks. If they live far, then do video calls with them. (I love to be able to see them.) Make sure you are outside your home, close to nature as much as possible. This is why walks in parks are the best. At home, spruce up your garden and have your breakfast and tea outside. Say Maghreb prayers outside, it feels great.


Can you imagine Allah saying, ‘you were so prompt in your sadqas (charity) and prayers when you were ill, now you are better, so I’m forgotten!’ It is He who saved us from this horrific illness and made it possible to get the best treatment for it, and become healthy again. Now, it is vital for us to be as conscientious about prayers, sadqa and in showing gratitude for all that He blessed us with. Read Quran daily, preferably starting from one end, and read a part of it daily. I’ve found this is very powerful. In the same way, be regular in prayers.

If you are a non-Muslim, do whatever kind of meditation or prayer form that may suit you.


Challenge yourself intellectually. Read books which are tough, watch YouTube videos that are motivational and informative. Widen your scope of knowledge in different fields. I’m enjoying my YouTube podcasts, and have got back to it in full swing.

Recently recorded a chat with my daughters Waliya and Nataliy about caregivers of cancer patients, for my YouTube channel. I’ll be uploading it shortly. Do subscribe to my channel, you will find very interesting podcasts there.


You have had a real financial bashing, so keep an eye on it. Find ways to give it a boost. So that you don’t feel under any kind of pressure. Be sensible while spending, and try to minimize all that you have. Stop splashing on extra books, clothes and living extravagantly. Be mindful. Also, give a second look at your finances and know where you stand now.


Weekends need to be completely free of all work. Otherwise, take a ‘do nothing day,’ during the week. It is okay. You deserve it. Also, after every six months, take a mini-break of a few days out of town. Luckily I have wonderful friends who offer me lovely trips and you have to go along with them. It is just the kind of relaxation one needs.

A forest in Bhurban, near Murree, Pakistan.

There are times when you don’t feel like doing anything. Don’t. But after that indulgence, do care for your body’s denting and painting. Ok, this is all I wanted to say to you. Keep saying ‘I love you’ to yourself too. Praise yourself for the battle you faced bravely, and keep rewarding yourself every now and then.


Stay blessed. ?

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