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Packing & Travel abroad

When I’m packing for a trip abroad, I’m freaking out. ‘Will I forget something?’, biggest question is ‘How to fit everything into this suitcase?’ Biggest apprehension is: ‘Will it burst open on the way?’ Once the journey begins, Immediately, I move to ‘enjoying travel’ mode. Instagram and Facebook time, full time! Almost.😉 I’m conscious of …

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Mahira-Rea after 41 years. (Part I)

We hugged each other tightly. Each one pulling away slightly to look the other in the eyes. Was it true? Finally!  Our beaming smiles and laughter were unaffected by the onlookers watching us. My new acquired family, and Shib’s own were watching us, it was truly a great moment for us. A big Alhamdolillah and …

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Relax – take a break!


Why are we so cruel on ourselves? I should know. Every ‘to do’ list is made to grind ourselves a little more. We are merciless with the work we keep piling on ourselves. Then at the end of the day, instead of appreciating ourselves for all that we did, we feel bad for all that we couldn’t do!

I’m like that. I mean, quite a lot. What about you? Are you the same too?


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