Water issue in Islamabad

It is vital for each of us to do our bit to improve the water situation in Islamabad. Otherwise, it will become like any other unplanned and badly managed city of Pakistan. Karachi has been hit by this issue badly due to settlers from all over the country. Now, it is Islamabad which has to be ready for the onslaught. Water is the biggest issue facing us now.


Post election scenario…. Leaving America?

After my fourth visit to the USA, I’ve come back to Pakistan on America’s election day, with mixed feelings. Somehow life in today’s world is rather mixed and transitional. I visited earlier in winter of 2007/2008. Then again next winter again;  In 2009 I went to Washington DC to see preparations to receive Obama then …


Negative propaganda hurts …. life can get scary anywhere.

 Scenes of places around Seattle, when it got heavy snow during winter of 2008 (An article which I wrote while I was in USA in December 2008).   Pakistan. Does the name ring a bell? Does it remind you of something you saw on television? Something which has some other words attached to it like ‘terrorists’, …