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Shendi wedding – the best option.

Hope it becomes the trend setter.



There is a vision of mine; Our Pakistani weddings are going to become trend setters all over the world. Especially with the Shendi style of wedding that I witnessed a few days ago. As usual, the food, and everything was  put together in such a beautiful and fairy tale way.

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While it was the typical Pakistani wedding, what I loved most about it was the fact that it was all over and done with, in ONE evening. All the festivities were compressed into one evening of two-and-half-hours.


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Right from the dresses, the décor’ of the marquee, to the delicious food, the valet parking outside, the beautifully decorated hall, the fresh flower bouquets, the chandeliers, everything was tastefully and beautifully done. The hundreds of guests were all dressed in their elegant best.  It was the  complete extravaganza.


Personally, I dislike the amount of time that is wasted in our weddings with events going on for days and days. The Shendi has put an end to it, and now one function has it all. I really loved it because it was an ‘all-in-one-event.’ Nikah, mehndi, ruksati and waleema.

images (9)There was such an air of fun and frolic, and the food, and everything was great. I think this is the best solution for all now. Those who don’t like Mehdis (- the Islami type)  need not have that part, but it can all be done together,


the Nikah, ruksati and waleema.

All those people who have reservations of any type, (I know what is going on in your mind.) The answer is, ‘it is okay, and quite legal.’

As I walked out of the hall yesterday, the bride was dancing away, and so were the groom and all their friends. It was a nice fun filled environment, and frankly I loved being a part of it.

It was a good thing time-wise and other-wise. I’m sure it is kinder to the couple too, who can actually start their new life with some stamina left for starting their new life together . 😉



How to go about it?

  1. Both families sit together and work out what they want.
  2. Divide all costs in half and share the costs (this option will be attractive to all concerned.)
  3. A special note: laugh off the silly inputs please. This is a moment of joy, lets not spoil it now.
  4. One leading and deciding person from both sides (who are in good harmony.)
  5. Divide all the chores among both families. All ‘duties’ must be clear and concise.
  6. Be big-hearted through it all. Remember it is all a blessing. Let it be a blessing.
  7. Do plan for sadqa and charity along with all this.images (6)

Stay blessed, and please be part of this new trend in marriages and stop this wastage of time that is considered so ‘normal’ in our country.

Keep all the enjoyment in, while keeping the time-wastage out! In this way you all would stay blessed – the two families and their guests!

Note: Photographs taken by author, Waliya Najib Khan and some taken from the net, with photographers’ logos.


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  1. Well my shadee was kind of shendi back in 1992. I am wed to my PDP (phuppi da puttar). My whole shadee was arranged within 2 months. It was the most organised and well planned out wedding. All fuzuliat were deducted from our marriage. We had the most extravagant mehndi. But with extremely less spendings. There was only one grand function of rukhsatee. Abbu and Phopho shared the expenses of that function. There was no valima. My hubby gave dinner to all his course mates and unit officers who came to attend our shadee.
    No regrets at all Alhamdolilah. It’s been 25 beautiful years of blessings together and still going strong alhamdolilah.

    1. Dear Kiran,
      Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We all have to consciously remove extra expenses while not compromising on the fun and essence of marriage. Lots of love and do stay blessed. 🙂

  2. Amazing quotes for wedding anniversary greetings. Thanks for sharing nice info. The quotes will be very useful to every couple.

    1. Shireen Gheba Najib says:

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you liked the quotes.

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