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Helping Street Children Become Street Smart.

Once,  a beggar child came to Allama Iqbal, and his friend asked him, ‘can’t something be done about them?’ He said, ‘their lives will not change, because no one is doing anything for them.’

This is why the street children, have continued to have the same fate for centuries. No one did anything, and another hundred years have passed! Nothing has happened – just as Iqbal had predicted. Now, we don’t want another hundred years to pass without changing their fate. Today, all of us together can change the street children’s fate to this at least- just as Usman has done.

Suggestions for improving their lives:
  1. A policy of not giving cash to beggars on streets: Now, I tell the street child that I won’t give you any cash. You have to ask your parent to put you in school, and start earning yourself. Also, to give them snacks and clean drinking water. (Carry water and snacks in the car for them.)

2. Strict policy of no more than two or three children: Aggressive advertising against having more than three children has to be done. Provision of free contraceptives and indoctrination is extremely important. They must not have more children, when they have proved they cannot look after the ones they have. School must be compulsory for all.

3. Adult education must be compulsory: Making them realize, they will have to change their fate themselves. They will have to make an effort themselves to get out of this situation.

4. Giving alternatives to get out of clutches of exploiters: Promoting more free schools for underprivileged children, factories offering very light work in return for food, clothing and education in a healthy environment for children.

5. Seal all borders for refugees: Firstly, the Government needs to close all borders, to stop allowing more refugees inside our country. In fact we have got to remove all those who are illegally living in our country. First priority is for us to take care of our own population. Our own children are on the streets, and we are giving ‘shelter’ to people who aren’t our responsibility.

Any more ideas?.

I don’t want to have to go for the tailor’s shop next time to find this scene on the floor outside…
It was heart wrenching when I saw this scene. This child was worried about his precious shoes not getting stolen, also needed a pillow.

Please make an effort to join a school for underprivileged children near your home. Help bring a smile to their lips. See their happy faces, just like we love to see the happy faces of our own children. Laugh and joke with them, put a hand of love and understanding on their heads.

Over one seventy children in CSS School are being taken care of, there are hundreds in the wonderful Pehli Kiran Schools branches, in different areas also. There are many schools sprouting out in every nook and corner of our country now. Each one of them, need our help and support.

Let us be every street child’s strength.

Stay blessed, lovely ones. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels just to see the great work  being done by this bunch of highly energetic young people, along with Usman.

There is great hope for this country. Allama Iqbal didn’t have this dream of such a country for nothing. It’s earth is definitely moist today, with the tears that come to our eyes to see the plight of these helpless children. Finally, the time has come to do something about it. Together, we can. 🙂
Let us stay blessed and bless others as well. 🙂

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