Happy birthday!
Self enrichment

Happy birthday!

(My fifteen points of happy living.)


We all love to celebrate our birthdays. But we don’t want to get older. We want a long life, but we don’t want wrinkles. We want to eat our (birthday) cake, and have it too. So what’s wrong with it?

It is the most human perspective after all!

I know such energetic personalities like Nigar Nazar, Bushra Ansari, Shahida Azeem, Tahira, Mahjabeen, Munazza Qasim, Rumi Jalal, Hina Tariq, Munazza Azhar, Uzma Haroon and so many others who have proved that age is just a number.

Let me sum up what I’ve learnt so far in these fifteen points:

  1. One must celebrate one’s birthday with a bang! And share it with all those who have made one’s life so wonderful and great.
  2. Enjoy the present at all times.
  3. Be at peace with your past. (- remember to remember the lessons!)
  4. Gift yourself whatever you feel life forgot to give you. (Hint: flowers, books, trips to exotic places, meeting friends who forget to meet you, dresses, jewelry… whatever!)
  5. Stop blaming others (parents, circumstances, situations, siblings, country, community, religion, for not doing certain things in your life.) I believe, we are fully responsible for ourselves after 18 years of age. So, stop making stupid excuses, for yourself or others.
  6. Forgive all those who really were mean creeps in your life. (They are enough for themselves!)
  7. Never put your age as a barrier between yourself and what you want. Just go for it.
  8. Make your own rules when others’ rules don’t fit.
  9. Plan and deal with things you have to deal with ASAP.
  10. Exercise, exercise, and exercise. Eat healthy and smart. Stop social eating. (I learnt this very recently.)
  11. Learn new things at all times. (This includes, knowledge, skills, theories, recipes, exercises etc.)
  12. Love life and everything in it.
  13. Get your usual favorite clothes, and also try a few new styles in clothes and accessories.
  14. You know how to make yourself happy. Do it; (Hint: Music, painting, writing, cycling, running, dresses, DOING NOTHING. Only depend on yourself for your happiness.
  15. Invest in relationships and friendships.





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